10 Pawn Shop Marketing Ideas for the New Year

February 28, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Looking for pawn shop marketing ideas? You’re on the right path.

Finding time to improve upon your pawn shop business isn’t easy when you’re busy with all the other tasks involved with running a brick-and-mortar store, so we give you props for taking this first step.

At PawnGuru, we love to see pawn shops succeed and grow to their full potential. This is why we put together 10 pawn shop marketing ideas below so you can approach your 2017 growth goals with a fresh perspective.

Whether you’re coming up with a game plan to achieve your 2017 New Year’s business resolution or you just want to find that missing piece of your marketing strategy, this list of pawn shop marketing ideas will help your business grow.

Pawn Shop Marketing Ideas for the New Year

1. Start a Newsletter

This is can be very simple! Put a notepad or clipboard at your counter and let your customers know they can sign up for your email list to stay up to date on what’s new. This keeps them in your database so that you can communicate with folks to make them into repeat customers.

You could send out one newsletter per month through a free email service such as MailChimp.

This doesn’t have to be complex —you can just snap a few photos of hot new items that are in and let them know what you’re pricing them at. Also, you could send them news such as when the price of gold is high to entice them to come in and get their jewelry appraised.

This is one of the easiest pawn shop marketing ideas to implement right away. Just start by collecting those email addresses at your counter.

2. Optimize Your Website (SEO)

Search engine optimization is free and can result in better visibility for your site. There are simple things you can do to keep your website showing up in search engines Google for people searching for a pawn shop in your town.

For instance, your home page title should include “pawn shop” and your town name. This could look like “Pawn Shop for Electronics | Detroit.” Your site should then include those words here and there on the page. This way, when someone in Detroit searches “pawn shop for electronics” your site will show if it’s well-optimized.

If your site platform is a commonly used content management system, you could easily find out with a quick Google search how to edit your site. If not, you can pay someone to do it for you quickly.

3. Experiment with Facebook Ads

Do you have some spare cash that you could put back into advertising? Try Facebook. It’s easy, quick to set up and affordable. All you need is a Facebook page.

You can geo-target customers who use Facebook and tailor it to their specific interests and demographics. This means you can set the specific location you want to advertise to, as well as people in a specific age group and gender. What’s more, you can define interests they have such as other pawn shops, pawn shops in general, certain types of products and more.

Just be careful to follow advertising guidelines for your industry.

4. Practice PR

Reach out to your local newspaper and form a relationship with a journalist. Pitch something newsworthy about pawn shops.

Think about what a journalist would be interested to write about. Maybe you sell electronics at your pawn shop and would tell them that it’s alarming how often people will sell their electronics without wiping their data.

That’s the type of story a journalist might be interested in, as data privacy is a trending topic. The journalist will likely ask to use your name and pawn shop name for a quote in the story. This is free publicity for your business.

5. Improve your Google Places Listing

Read our article on how to create your Google Places listing. It also explains how to optimize your current one if it already exists.

An optimized listing could be the difference between gaining steady new customers from Google or remaining stagnant.

6. Host an Event

Hosting an event can get people into your shop for the first time!

Stuck for ideas? Host an evening of “free appraisals,” appealing to the Antiques Roadshow type enthusiasts. This could be in conjunction with a spring cleaning theme.

As people clean out their attics and basements, they’ll be second guessing whether or not they should part ways with those old collectibles.

This also acts as another media-worthy story that you could pitch. Contact your local newspapers to let them know you’re hosting the event, and add it to your local bulletin boards and online event calendars.

7. Improve your Store Image

Spruce up your storefront! Let’s face it, there are some folks out there who get the wrong impressions of pawn shops.

Going that extra mile with your window display may entice people inside who normally wouldn’t frequent pawn shops.

Cleaning and even re-organizing your space can help instill a professional image of your store.

8. Check Your Customer Service

Is your pawn shop customer service where it should be? Great customer service leads to great public reviews. Most pawn shops that get great reviews online have one thing in common: fantastic service.

Many of the top pawn shops have customers quoting how they felt the pawnbrokers were fair, honest, and helpful in explaining the pawning process.

Make sure your staff is as patient, friendly, honest and helpful toward customers as they can be. If they aren’t, it’s time to re-train!

9. Create a Loyalty System

Creating a loyalty system is a fantastic pawn shop marketing idea for getting repeat customers.

To get your customers coming back, give them a card that is stamped every time they make a transaction there. When they reach X number of transactions, offer them something such as 10% off an item for purchase.

10. Complete your PawnGuru profile

Read our tips for optimizing your PawnGuru profile to attract more pawn customers to your shop in the new year. The more complete your profile is, the more trust you build with potential customers!

Don’t have a PawnGuru profile yet and have no idea what PawnGuru is? PawnGuru has a directory for pawn shops all over the United States.

You can submit your shop for free. Then, PawnGuru works its magic by introducing you to pawn customers in your local area who place their items up for bid online for pawn shops to see.

Create your PawnGuru profile today!

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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