5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Pawn Shop’s Website

January 31, 2020 - Pawn Resources

You might not have touched your pawn shop’s website in a while.

That probably means that you’ve been busy, and busy tends to be a good thing in the business world. When you do have time to give your website some love and attention, you should follow the five simple steps in this post to improve it.

Read on to learn how to improve your pawn shop’s website in order to engage customers and keep them coming to your shop.

How to Improve your Pawn Shop’s Website

1. Create a Blog

A blog is great for displaying your expertise and driving more awareness and engagement. Your blog posts can even serve as content for your email list—one of the most powerful marketing tools accessible to you.

Read our post on Why You Should Start a Blog on Your Pawn Shop’s Website to get more detail on what exactly you would blog about and how this actually helps your pawn shop’s business and increases foot traffic.

2. Improve the Aesthetic

We all know that pawn shops are underrated and have developed a less-than-stellar reputation due to the way they are often portrayed in popular media. If your website has an appearance that is anything less than super professional, it’s time to make improvements.

What exactly does this mean? No black backgrounds, no blurry photos and no broken links. You don’t want to convey an ominous environment — especially for that first-time pawner.

Use a font that conveys professionalism and avoid bright highlighter colors. You don’t want your site to appear spammy. What’s more, your photos should show the customer what the interior of your pawn shop looks like, as well as smiling faces of your staff. Friendliness, approachability and cleanliness go a long way.

Your website is viewed as a direct reflection of what your pawn shop is like. The more comfortable you can make a potential customer feel when visiting your website, the more comfortable they will feel entering your shop.

3. Differentiate your Pawn Shop

Make sure you emphasize what makes your pawn shop the best choice for a pawn customer. Don’t blast your competitors, but do highlight how you are different.

Do you have a better interest rate on your pawn loans than most of your nearby competitors? Call that out. Are you flexible with your loans or do you offer a discount for veterans? Emphasize that. The more you talk up your pawn shop, the better a customer will feel doing business with you.

With this knowledge, you’re positioned well to compete with your competitors’ websites and convey a level of professionalism that will make your customers choose your pawn shop over others.

4. State the Types of Items you Buy & Sell

Many pawn shops do not communicate the full range of items they accept. One of the most common searches that pawn customers perform on Google is “pawn shops that take [insert items here] near me.” These are potential customers that are choosing which pawn shop to do business at based on whether or not the shop will accept the item they wish to pawn.

In order to show up for these searches, you need to communicate this on your website. Dedicate a whole page on your site to the types of items you buy, allow loans against and sell.

If you already do this, revisit the list. Does it truly list all the types of items you accept? Get specific. Although it seems tedious to list everything out, it will benefit your business in the long run.

Even after you have listed everything you can think of, indicate that the list is not exhaustive and encourage the customer to call you and ask if they aren’t sure if you will accept their item. Your phone number should be clearly displayed for these inquiries (and everywhere else on your site).

5. Optimize your Site for Search Ranking

Using readable, descriptive copy on your site (at least 500 words per page) is important. Not only does this engage a potential customer, it will also help you rank better in search engines.

It’s not about simply using descriptive copy on your site—it’s also about using words that help Google understand exactly what you are. And because you’re a pawn shop trying to gain a local customer, you’ll want to mention “pawn shop in [insert town here]” throughout your page. Don’t stuff your page with keywords, but use them in a way that reads naturally.

A good exercise for coming up with more keywords to insert into your page copy is to imagine what a potential customer might search for.

Would they search for “pawn shop that takes silver in [insert town here]”? If the answer is yes, then you might include a sentence or two on your homepage that states, “Looking for a pawn shop that takes silver in [insert town here]? [Your pawn shop name] takes silver, gold and platinum!”

There is more to search engine optimization than just improving your page copy, but we will go into that more in a future post.

How to Get More Pawn Customers (Aside from Fixing your Site)

We recommend you read the resources below that we have written to help pawn shop owners like you to get more pawn customers. But first, the best step you can take to increase your pawn shop’s customer base is to list your pawn shop on PawnGuru.

Our blog post on How to Get More Foot Traffic to Your Pawn Shop tells you how to set up your PawnGuru profile to be listed for free in our pawn shop directory, and it also will help you optimize your profile if you already have one.

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David Stiebel

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