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February 02, 2020 - Pawn Resources

 Back in 2007, Tim Adams opened Buck’s Pawn shop in Douglas County of Georgia.

As a former policeman, Adams became very familiar and acquainted with all sorts of people from the community. Thanks to his pawn shop in Douglas County, he’s been able to continue to build and foster his relationship with the locals.

Adams will occasionally host an evening Bible study class in his pawn shop.

“We are more of a ‘Mom and Pop’ shop, we will take anything, not just traditional pawned items,” Adams said. “Like a variety shop that’s well lit, and a family environment.”

Similar to a community barber shop, Buck’s Pawn strives to know the local individuals and offer a welcoming atmosphere. Adams will occasionally host an evening Bible study class in his pawn shop.

Doing everything possible for the customer is a must for Adams. The responsibility is on both ends to ensure individuals who pawn an item can pay back the loan in order to regain their item back. Adams works within a framework that allows for Buck’s Pawn to make revenue while still helping others. Buck’s Pawn’s pawn loans average $100.

Over the years, Adams and his wife have donated different items to homeless individuals. Sometimes individuals in extreme financial difficulty come in with items to pawn and Adams will try to make their day. Once a homeless man came in the shop with an item, and he didn’t expect it to be worth much, as Adams said, “He was thinking that he was just selling some junk.”

The scrap item turned out to be gold and Adams was able to pay him $100 for it.
“It just made his day,” Adams said.

Currently on display, Adam has a mounted cobra with a mongoose attacking it.

One of the more unique items that Adams has seen has been an antique whale harpoon, the type that might have been used to fight Moby Dick.

“It is a little odd for our area,” Adams said. “So that was an interesting item.”

Other neat items include a 13 foot long alligator that Adams friend shot four years ago. For a while Buck’s Pawn had the alligator on display and eventually sold it. Currently on display, Adam has a mounted cobra with a mongoose attacking it.
“I had a coffin one time too,” Adams said. “A guy had gotten it from a warehouse fire, and he didn’t know what to do with it, so he pawned it. Later he ended up losing it, and I sold it to a guy for Halloween.”

To help the business continue to grow, Buck’s Pawn has started to use PawnGuru’s service to discover new customers from the local area.
“I had a customer come in the other day with a computer, and he needed a $80 loan for it,” Adams said. “It had all been negotiated over the internet with PawnGuru.”
Adams explained that he was surprised to learn that this PawnGuru referral lived only a block away, yet he never knew of Buck’s Pawn!
“Now he will be coming by regularly,” Adams said. “Had he not discovered us through PawnGuru, who knows how long or where else he might have gone instead.”

Adams advice for first-time visitors to a pawn shop is to learn the rules as it relates to the their local area.
“They might have seen something on TV which is different,” Adams said.

A clear discussion of the payment schedule or annual percentage rate on the pawn ticket is important, Adams emphasized.

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