Looking to Buy Stamps? Get a Deal

January 23, 2020 - Antiques, Art and Collectibles

Stamps can actually be a great investment on top of a fun item to collect.

If you’re still collecting stamps and are looking to grow your collection, or are looking to start collecting, you may be wondering where exactly you can buy stamps. Luckily, this article will be ideal for you to get you on your collecting ways.

Here are a few places where you can get a great deal when buying stamps.

1. Post Office

If you’re just beginning to collect stamps, the post office is a great place to start building your collection. Though their vintage stamps may be few, it’s great to get familiar with stamp collecting using the stamps in circulation now.

With the post office, you can get low-priced stamps and get used to using your collectors’ book, taking care of your stamps, and understanding the ins and outs of the trade.

2. Stamp Auctions

Though you shouldn’t expect to have a low-price stamp find at an auction, it can be a great way to buy very rare, mint-condition stamps at an absolute bargain. When you’re looking to buy stamps at a stamp auction, try to find out what stamps will be auctioned off and prepare your competitive bids.

Stamp auctions are a great place to take your collection to the next level. Some sellers may even be auctioning off multiple stamps at a time or entire collections. Be ready to spend some money and get serious about your collecting when you attend an auction.

3. Pawn Shops

Another great next-level place to buy stamps are pawn shops. Many people use pawn shops to sell stamps when they are not collectors or are looking to bank on their collection.

4. Stamp Dealer

There are many types of stamp dealers, both online and in stores. Stamp dealers are similar to regular pawn shops, though they may be pricier. On the plus side, there will likely be a greater variety of stamps and all stamps are typically considered legitimate.

One other benefit of a stamp dealer is that it is an entry point into the stamp collecting community. Through a dealer, you will likely find collectors’ clubs where you can trade stamps with other collectors.

The Best Places To Buy Stamps

Every collector has different preferences to where the best place to buy stamps is. Luckily, each of the options listed above has its benefits, so you can try to match the location with your needs.

Regardless of what kind of collection you have, pawn shops can be a great way to build it up or to sell your unused items. Be sure to check out our other pawn shop tips!


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