Can I Pawn a Gun Not Registered in My Name

February 03, 2020 - Guns & Other Firearms

A question we frequently hear in the pawn business is “can I pawn a gun not registered in my name?”

There aren’t many clear answers available to curious pawners online, so we are going to clear this question up here at PawnGuru. To be clear, this post is not and should not serve as legal advice. You will want to consult a lawyer. But we hope that this helps you become more aware of the legal sensitivities involved with pawning guns.

Read on to get more information about if you can pawn a gun not in your name.

The Legal Considerations of Pawning a Gun not Registered in Your Name

You must know that when you bring a firearm into a pawn shop, the transaction process is more involved than if you were pawning a laptop or jewelry.

However, just like other items, if someone brings a gun into a pawn shop and it has been reported stolen, the pawn shop is required to report your attempt to make that transaction. This information goes to the police.

What is the first red flag that the gun has perhaps been stolen? You guessed it. A major red flag is that the gun is registered in a name different that what appears on your ID—which, by the way, the pawnbroker will ask for upfront.

Can I Pawn a Used Gun that’s Been Gifted to Me?

If you have been given a used gun from a friend or family member, there is a good chance this gun is still registered in the original owner’s name.

Before accepting a gun as a gift, you want to ask to see the original paperwork. This will show you if that person indeed owned that gun, or if you are inheriting a gun that might have been stolen. The latter is obviously a large concern.

You do not want to be in possession of a stolen gun. If you find that either of the aforementioned scenarios are true, return the gun back to the person who gifted it to you, and let them know your concern.

Can I Pawn a Gun Not in My Name: An Answer

The answer to this question is no. You cannot pawn a gun that is not registered in your name.

If the gun was gifted to you and wasn’t transferred into your name, research the necessary steps required to make that happen. You need to make sure this happens before you attempt to pawn or sell the gun.

You also need to bring the necessary paperwork that your state requires you to have when you own a gun. Gun laws vary by state.

How to Pawn a Gun that is Registered in Your Name

Once your gun is registered in your name, follow these easy steps to pawn your gun for the most money possible. Don’t forget to check out the related articles below these steps! They contain helpful information about pawning your gun.

  1. Read the articles below
  2. Put your gun up for bid online at PawnGuru—it’s fast, free and easy!
  3. Watch offers roll in from multiple pawn shops in your local area
  4. When you see an offer you like, accept it
  5. Bring your cleaned gun in its case with your paperwork to the pawn shop
  6. Finalize the offer
  7. Walk out with cash in hand

Are you happy you asked, “can I pawn a gun not registered in my name?” So are we! You certainly dodged a bullet by doing your research.

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