How to get fast cash from pawn shops

February 02, 2020 - Pawn Resources

If you have anything of value, you can get cash from a pawn shops within minutes!

Pawn shops will either buy your item for cash, or they will give you a secured cash loan and hold your item as collateral until you pay off the loan.

The pawn shop only cares about how much they can re-sell the item for, so they don’t care about how good or bad your credit is.  There is almost no paperwork and no background check required at all.  (They will most likely take your contact info and run the item through a stolen item database to make sure it’s legal merchandise, but otherwise it’s a very quick transaction!)

The benefits of using a pawn shop

  • It’s fast
  • Local
  • No shipping (vs. Ebay)
  • Legitimate stores and shop-keepers (ie. no meeting strangers in weird places like Craigslist)
  • If you just need cash, but don’t want to get rid of your item, only pawn shops can offer a quick cash loan for your stuff

The downsides to using a pawn shop

  • Not necessarily maximizing your cash
  • If you take a loan, you risk losing your item if you don’t pay off the loan within a few months
    • Note: About 85% of pawned items are successfully paid back and redeemed
  • Sometimes located in bad neighborhoods

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Jordan Birnholtz

Jordan Birnholtz is the cofounder of PawnGuru. An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Jordan started PawnGuru in 2015 with Jon Polter, David Stiebel, and Jessica Zahnd. When he's not working at PawnGuru, Jordan volunteers his time to support undergraduates in building socially-responsible businesses and organizations through Optimize, a program at the University of Michigan.

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