Hoverboard for Big Money at a Pawn Shop

February 11, 2020 - Electronics

The biggest trend to hit the sidewalks that literally caught fire are hoverboards.

Otherwise known as ‘self-balancing scooters,’ hoverboards had a rocky beginning on the market. Around a half million units were recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Faulty batteries in the board would burst on fire, making many believe they weren’t safe.

Since the recall, the hoverboard market has recovered without any issues. As manufactures made huge improvements to safety regulations the popular self-balancing scooters are safer than ever. Hoverboards are heavyweights in the industry and make great collateral for a pawn loan.

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Can you Pawn a Hoverboard?

So, if you’re asking: can I pawn my hoverboard at a pawnshop? The answer is a definitive yes! Original retail prices of hoverboards span a range of $150 to $700, depending on the specs. This makes even cheaper models a good bet for taking out a pawn loan.

If you’re looking to sell your hoverboard to a pawnshop you’re also definitely in luck! Pawnshops across the U.S. will gladly take your hoverboard to resell as merchandise. Just make sure you clean your board thoroughly, assemble it in the original packaging, and include the warranty & extra parts.

Of course, utilizing a pawnshop over traditional retail stores will always earn you lower prices; so, if you’re looking to buy a hoverboard this is also a good option. You could end up saving anywhere from 50 to 75% of what would pay at retailer!

Top 3 Best Hoverboards on the Market (2019)

Swagatron TI

The Swagatron TI is the number one picked hoverboard by consumers and industry experts. Following many safety concerns, this scooter was one of the first to be outfitted with Underwriter Laboratories certification for safety (UL 2272). The design of the board is built with an ABS covering—fire resistant and durable. The Swagatron also has SentrySheild technology which protects the battery from overheating. A ‘safe stop’ mechanism will slow the board down to a rolling stop, so you won’t plummet from the hoverboard. Plus, it only takes an hour to charge for three hours of battery life, so you can get back to riding quickly.

This board also makes the list for its competitive pricing. The board costs $249 new, from a retail store. (Of course, it’ll be cheaper if you buy it a pawnshop!). The Swagatron TI has a 250-watt motor, with a range of up to 12-mph with an average speed of 8-mph. This allows the scooter to handle 30-degree inclines. The 6.5-inch wheels give you a smooth ride matched with illuminated lights that shine the street ahead of you. The Swagatron TI is worth every penny and makes a great gift for the younger crowds who are fanatics about hoverboards!

EPIKGO All-Terrain Scooter

Also receiving the UL 2272 safety certification, the EPIKGO All-Terrain Scooter is another great choice in hoverboards! The EPIKGO’s wheels are grooved with tread and are also 30% larger than an average hoverboard wheel at 8.5-inches. Not only will this give you a smooth ride that can handle steep inclines–this board can ride through puddles, dirt, and grass. The water-resistant frame can climb up 18-degree inclines powered with 400-watt dual motors.

The battery life is also pretty impressive. A single charge will last up to four hours allowing you to span over 10 miles while riding. It does take around two to three hours for your hoverboard to fully charge but considering the dynamic power you can get from this model, it’s worth the wait! The board is powerful enough to sustain speeds of 10-MPH. This brand also has a few other models that travel even faster! The board comes at a price tag of $579 but is worth the added expense when you weigh the features against the price.

MegaWheels Self-Balancing Scooter

For parents considering buying their young children a hoverboard, you’ll absolutely want to go with the MegaWheels Self-Balancing Scooter! This scooter has it all, including the UL 2272 safety certification. This lightweight board weighing in at a little over 25-lbs, has skid protected wheels with shock protection. Dual 250W motors, powered by a 4000mAh Lithium battery are managed by a smart chip which keeps the MegaWheels from overheating.

This chip also allows the board to adjust its maximum speed based on the rider’s weight, maxing out at 12-mph for a rider that weighs at 245lbs. The board’s durable frame, made from ABS & PC, can handle an incline of 15-degrees. The charge time takes about 2 hours and will deliver 3 hours of ride time. On top of all this, the board self-balances ensuring small riders will never fall off! You can buy the MegaWheels Self-Balancing Scooter for $166.

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David Stiebel

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