Do Pawn Shops Buy China?

February 07, 2020 - Antiques, Art and Collectibles

A common question we receive at PawnGuru is “do pawn shops buy china?” And we have the answer.

So if you’re wondering if pawn shops take china because you’re hoping to part ways with your fine china for cash, you came to the right spot.

We will give you the answer to this question in a minute. But first, we need to explain why PawnGuru is the best resource for all things pawning. We promise you won’t regret hearing us out, because this will save you time and money in the long run.

At PawnGuru, we help pawners and sellers across America to get offers from multiple local pawn shops online without needing to leave the comfort of their home until it’s time to see the item in person. Why does this matter? This helps you make sure you get the best offer for your item and saves you time because you don’t need to visit multiple shops just to collect the offers for comparison.

PawnGuru is the quickest way to same-day cash-in-hand for your item. Take it from the 800,000+ people we’ve helped get tens of millions of dollars in cash offers.

Read on so that we can answer your question, “do pawn shops buy china?”

Do Pawn Shops Buy China: The Answer!

Let’s cut to the chase—do pawn shops buy china? The short answer is yes, they do!

Although it is possible to sell your fine china dinnerware at a pawn shop, it is important to know that not all pawn shops buy china and dishes. And not to discourage you, but they might not buy your particular china.

Why is this? Well, while there are pawn shops that sell a hodgepodge of different items, there are also pawn shops that specialize in just a couple of categories of items. As you can imagine, in those types of pawn shops, they’re typically going to sell high-value, high-demand items such as jewelry, guns and electronics.

In terms of your particular china, a pawn shop may decide not to buy it if it is damaged or too low value.

You’re better off if you have a high-end brand of china such as Lenox, Wedgwood, Noritake, Mikasa, Villeroy & Boch, Spode, Royal Albert, Royal Doulton and so on. The better the condition they are in and the rarer they are, the more money you’re likely to receive for them.

So Where Do I Find a Pawn Shop that Buys China Near Me?

To find a pawn shop that buys china near you, you have two options. One is that you would either research a list of pawn shops in your local area, asking each one of them if they take china.

Or, you can use PawnGuru to do that work for you—for free.

Not only does PawnGuru save you the time it would normally take you to collect and compare offers, but we also help you find the right pawn shops who would actually be willing to take your china in the first place.

It’s Time to Pawn or Sell Your Fine China Dinnerware!

Here’s how to pawn or sell your fine china locally using PawnGuru.

  1. Clean your china and inspect it for any damage
  2. Take a clear, well-lit photo of it. Include the box if you have it.
  3. Sign up for a free account at PawnGuru
  4. Simultaneously, you will be asked to list your item. Upload your photo and describe the brand, condition and collection in detail.
  5. If there are interested pawn shops in your area, you’ll receive multiple offers in your PawnGuru portal
  6. Compare offers and enter the pawn shop with the highest offer, china in hand.
  7. Get cash in exchange for your china!

Now that we’ve answered your question “do pawn shops buy china?” you might be interested to read more about selling and pawning.

We put together some more resources for you below to check out as you wait for your local pawn shop offers through PawnGuru. You might be pleasantly surprised by just how many things you can pawn that you have laying around the house!

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