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February 16, 2020 - Electronics

Since its release in March of last year, many gamers are looking to sell their Nintendo Switch.

Some ended up not liking the system, while others might need the money, more than they need the game console. The number one recommended way to sell your Nintendo Switch is to use PawnGuru!

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Why Use PawnGuru to Sell Your Nintendo Switch?

With a $300 price tag on the Nintendo Switch and only a year since its release date, owners looking to sell can still get close to the retail value. Of course, getting the full $300 back is going to be challenging since your Nintendo is used and consumers could just purchase one from a traditional retail store for the same price.

Still, if you are looking to sell your Nintendo Switch, it only makes sense to try to get the best deal as possible. If you are looking for a simple process to get the most money—use PawnGuru! This approach lets you sift through offers from local pawn shops within minutes of listing. You can look through offers and only do business with the dealer willing to give you the most money. It’s so easy you can do it on your lunch break!

PawnGuru is an awesome resource! The database keeps you protected with a rating-star system controlled by the community—both users & pawn dealers. This report shows you which pawn shops you can trust, and which ones are known to do ‘shady’ business. Also, PawnGuru has payment verification. As a liaison between you and the dealer, all the stipulations of the transaction will be under contract. This means you’ll get paid the agreed upon amount without any precarious activity.

PawnGuru does all the work for you! Just make the listing and the rest is simple. Driving from shop to shop will cost you money in gas and precious time. Shipping your Nintendo Switch to a private seller will cost you money too! Use PawnGuru and let us do all of this work for you. The site matches you up with the highest offer, so you only need to speak with a single person, assured you’re getting the most money for your Switch!

How to Use PawnGuru

There are a few things you can do to exponentially increase your chances of getting more money for selling your Switch or any other item. Follow these simple directions to ensure you get a great deal!

1. Clean your Switch to restore it to store-bought quality.

2. Find original packaging or the next best option and re-package the console with all its parts.

3. Assemble all warranty documents & instructions.

2. List your Nintendo Switch for free with no obligation to sell!

3. Wait for emails to arrive within minutes and choose the highest offer.

4. Visit with the Pawn shop, make the deal, and get your money quick!

Why Sell My Nintendo Switch?

Devices like the Nintendo Switch often come with some huge defects and glitches. The Switch is made up of three parts, two controllers and an LCD touchscreen that can be ‘switched’ with your larger TV screen. This game console configuration is riddled with issues that can’t, unfortunately, can’t be fixed. It might be better to sell your Switch in favor of a better game console than deal with these bugs.

Five Reasons to Sell

1. Scratched Screen

The first immediate design issue gamers noticed is that every time players slide the Switch Tablet into the Switch Dock, you will inevitably scratch the screen. The docking station is made of cheap plastic that has no fiber lining. Each time you slide the two pieces together, your screen scratches more and more. You can slide a makeshift fiber cloth to keep the screen from making contact with the plastic inlay, but it will wiggle out of place.

2. Dead Pixels

Another issue with the screen are the black spaces on the LCD screen where the pixels are dead or stuck. Nintendo issued a statement urging Switch users to not consider this a defect, stating a “small number of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens.” You can try and see if the retailer will let you swap your Switch, but you also run the risk of getting another Switch console with the same issue.

3. Display Issues

Yet another issue with many of the Switch’s display screen is that because of a loose internal connector, the first few minutes of gameplay a Switch’s display screen will show random colors and lines. This is because many devices’ screen ribbons are halfway plugged in. Short of opening the Switch up yourself for tinkering there’s nothing much you can do about this.

4. Controller Strap Malfunction

The Switch comes with two controllers and users need to insert the controller straps up themselves. Often, gamers would insert the wrong strap into the controller rendering the top buttons useless. Meaning, if you put the right strap into the left controller, your A-Button is not going to work. You can fix this by taking the strap out, but it’s tougher than it sounds.

5. Loose-Fitting Controllers

Many Switch users are coming home to plug their Switch in only to find out their controllers are wobbly when plugged into the LCD screen. This is a pain when you’re trying to play games! Without a snug fit, your controllers will wobble and it’s quite aggravating for the game-play experience.

Most of the issues are design flaws which stem from the Nintendo Switch being made with cheap plastic parts. You can opt to sell your Switch on PawnGuru to get a better game console. Or, just keep the money and head for the hills!

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David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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