Get Money Now: How to Pawn in San Jose, CA

February 24, 2020 - Pawn Resources

The car needs a repair or you have to move suddenly and need a security deposit.

These are all reasons you’d need quick cash or a loan to hold you over until payday.

If you’re in the San Jose, CA area, you know that quick cash is hard to come by, unless you know how to pawn items online.

Want in on this money-making secret? Read below.

1. Understand the Process

Pawning is pretty much the only industry left in America where you can barter or trade one thing for another. Bartering was the first ever form of goods exchanging/economy so you could say pawning is a historical practice.

But what do we mean by bartering? That’s what pawning is. You give an item to a pawn shop under conditions and in exchange, they give you a loan based on the value of that item.

If you pay back the loan within the agreed upon time-limit, you get your item back. You may have to pay some interest fees, depending on how long the loan term was, but otherwise, you get the item back with no financial losses.

That’s called pawning. Now if you don’t pay the pawn loan back in time, the shop gets to keep your item. You’ll have legally signed it over to them (in the event that you didn’t pay the loan back) in the initial paperwork.

– Or –

You could decide to sell your item. When you sell an item to a pawn shop, it’s like selling it on eBay or Craigslist. It’s a one-time transaction where something permanently changes ownership.

2. Find What’s Worth Pawning

When you decide you need a pawn loan or want to sell something for quick cash, you have to take an inventory of your items. What do you have that someone else would pay money for?

Even if they’re a little bit worn?

Power tools are some of the quickest moving things pawn stores see, as long as they’re still working. Contractors will buy them up to fit their crew with or to use as a backup.

Jewelry is another fast moving item. Many men have found that their wallets can’t afford a classic jewelry store, and they come to a pawn shop for similar quality and savings.

Or, let’s say you just upgraded Xbox models. You still have the most recent one, the model down from what’s brand new. You could still pawn or sell that for some real cash.

Make sure you bring cords and accessories that are necessary for the machine to work.

3. Learn How to Pawn Online

Classically you’d go to a pawn shop and negotiate the price/worth of your item on site. You have to load your stuff into your car, drive to the pawn shop, and possibly wait in line. Then, you have to negotiate with the pawnbroker before getting your money. It’s a lot of work, especially if you’re in a rush.

Instead, learn how to pawn online – it’s easy and it’s free. Learn more.

Pawning in 10 Minutes or Less

Given that you know what you want to pawn and you have immediate access to it – you can get it up and listed on our site in 10 minutes or less.

How’s that for a quick lesson on how to pawn online? Get started here.


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