Glock & Load: What’s the Most Popular Used Gun?

February 17, 2020 - Guns & Other Firearms

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A lot of people call us to ask if you can pawn or sell a gun to a shop. The answer: Heck yes. Guns are unique for how well they hold resale value, and how popular they are with pawn shops. Our data shows us that pawn shops specialize in what they like to buy and sell. Some love electronics, while others don’t. But we’ve discovered that almost any shop with space and safe storage facilities that can buy a gun will. (State laws also sometimes prevent pawn shops from accepting guns.)

We’ve written before about the best way to get the most cash for your firearm, and we’re starting to explore how much you can get for your gun on a model-by-model basis. We don’t have all the answers yet, but here are three of the top guns – in this case, pistols that pawn shops pay for with big bucks in large numbers.

Glock and load – the whole Glock handgun and pistol family.


The Austrian-built Glock family of guns is famous for its reliability and modern construction. Glock pistols chambered in .40 caliber, like the Glock 22 and Glock 23, are very popular with gun owners – and thus with American pawn shops. You can pawn or sell a Glock for between $300 – $400 on average. We’ve found that this number tends to go up in areas with big histories of firearm ownership, like the south and southwest – from Houston to Phoenix to Atlanta.

The Ruger P89 & P series

Based on the classic Browning 1911’s design, the Ruger P89 is a bulky but rugged American gun. The Ruger P series can pawn or sell for between $250 and $350 dollars, depending on its condition. Like the Glock, we see the most offers going to .40 caliber-chambered guns, given its popularity with consumers for self- and home-defense.

Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistols


Smith & Wesson (S&W) is best known to the public for their robust revolvers. But most people on PawnGuru pawn or sell their S&W semiautomatic pistols. You’ll take home around $350 for the S&W M&P 40 (.40 caliber again!) or slightly less for its 9mm variant.

Jordan Birnholtz

Jordan Birnholtz is the cofounder of PawnGuru. An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Jordan started PawnGuru in 2015 with Jon Polter, David Stiebel, and Jessica Zahnd. When he's not working at PawnGuru, Jordan volunteers his time to support undergraduates in building socially-responsible businesses and organizations through Optimize, a program at the University of Michigan.

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