The 2 Things Pawn Shops Want in Golf Clubs

February 03, 2020 - Equipment and Tools

There are many sports that are affordable to play, like basketball and soccer. Alas, the same can’t be said for golf.

Depending on the brand, a set of golf clubs can run between $200-$2000 dollars. Alone a putter, wood, or hybrid can be as much as $300. Any golf enthusiast will tell a beginner to first buy used golf clubs and hit a few balls before buying new. If you have clubs you would like to pawn or sell, pawnbrokers would love to do business with you because there is a huge market for used golf clubs. To get the best offers for your golf clubs, here are 2 things pawnbrokers look at to determine an offer amount.


Pawnbrokers will first look at the brand of the clubs to come up with a figure in their head. So if you’re pawning or selling Titleist, or Callaway clubs, your offer amount could start pretty high versus pawning or selling Wilson clubs.


Pre-owned clubs will have some wear and tear. If the grip is worn, pawn brokers will still make an offer because those can be replaced. Pawn brokers will not make an offer if they see that the club head is loose or has any major chips, rusts or dents on the club face or shaft.

Additional Information

If you’re selling a golf set with a golf bag, that could add a few extra bucks to your offer.
Women’s clubs will typically get lower offers because they are hard for pawn brokers to sell because their aren’t that many who are looking to buy golf clubs.

Clean your clubs before you take them to your local pawn shop to improve your golf clubs appearance.

Jordan Birnholtz

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