How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for iPhones?

March 06, 2020 - Electronics

We decided to answer this for you with the latest iPhone data available.

iPhones are one of the most popularly pawned items. They have significant value as a consumer electronic device, and most people are fine with parting ways with their old device because new smartphones are being released each year. It’s tempting to upgrade to a shiny new model.

Whether you want to know the pawn value of iPhone 8, 9, X, or 11, we will give you the average, minimum and maximum iPhone pawn prices we have seen at PawnGuru for all of 2020. This will be the most up-to-date and accurate data you can find on the web for iPhone pawn value by generation.

At this point, you might be wondering what PawnGuru is and how we have access to this pricing data. We connect pawn customers to pawn shops in their local area through a free online platform. On this platform, pawn customers list the item they want to pawn, and the pawn shops in their local area will be alerted. The pawner benefits from saving time by receiving all pawn shop offers quickly and in one place online, and they also get to save money by assessing which pawn shop gives them the best offer.

We will go more into how you can sell or pawn your used iPhone using PawnGuru, but first, we’re going to answer the question “how much do pawn shops pay for iPhones?”

How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for iPhones on Average?

The average pawn price of iPhones according to our data—and this is the average of all generations lumped together—is $110. The minimum price paid for an iPhone in 2020 was $5, and the maximum was $900.

Why the huge variance in pricing? You can attribute this to the generation of the iPhone, its condition and other specific factors. iPhones that are of the newest generation, in great condition, unlocked and with the best memory storage are going to sell at the highest price, whereas those that are of older generations, in poor condition, not unlocked and with smaller memory storage are going to sell at a low price.

How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for iPhones: By Generation

Below you can see iPhone pawn price by generation. You’ll notice we don’t include iPhone 1-6. This is because we didn’t have enough 2020 data on those early models to give you an accurate answer—and we wouldn’t want to mislead you. However, you can still find the pawn value of those earlier iPhone models by listing your phone on PawnGuru.

iPhone ModelMin. Pawn ValueMax. Pawn ValueAvg. Pawn Value
iPhone 7$5$175$78.30
iPhone 7s$50$125$85
iPhone 8$1$500$142.32
iPhone 9$30$110$60.71
iPhone 9s$150$150$150
iPhone X$1$900$108.85

How to Pawn or Sell an iPhone in the Best Way Possible

  1. Back-up your data and clear it from your iPhone
  2. Unlock your iPhone and disable Find My iPhone
  3. Clean your iPhone, gather original packaging & components
  4. List your iPhone for sale on PawnGuru (fast, free and easy!)
  5. Compare offers you receive online
  6. Bring your iPhone to the pawn shop with the best offer
  7. Get cash in hand on the same day!

Now that we’ve answered the question, “how much do pawn shops pay for iPhones” you have a rough understanding of the least and most money you can get for your phone. With PawnGuru, you can rest assured you’re going to get the best price possible.

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