How to Sell a Used Elliptical Machine

February 15, 2020 - Equipment and Tools

Wondering how to sell a used elliptical machine that you no longer have use for?

Ellipticals can take up a large amount of space in our homes, and sometimes we just need to part ways with them. If they no longer have a space in our workout routines, it’s better to sell them and use the cash toward something that does.

Whatever your reason for selling your used elliptical, we give you the rundown on how to sell a used elliptical machine for cash in hand today. We’ll also help you find out how much you should sell your used elliptical for, as well as where you can go to sell it.

The process is very easy and you might be pleasantly surprised to know that the most difficult part in the process is actually transporting the machine.

Continue reading for a step-by-step approach to selling your used elliptical machine, including the simple preparation steps you should take to ensure you sell your elliptical for the highest price possible.

How Much Should I Sell a Used Elliptical for

Trying to sell a used item feels like a gamble. We’ve all been there. As a seller, you feel you want to sell it for a fair price, but you also don’t want to be low-balled by a buyer. It feels even worse when you suspect they know they’re getting an amazing deal on something you invested your hard-earned money in.

It takes time to research what the market is like for your exact make and model of your elliptical, as well as who would be willing to take it.

This is where we come in. PawnGuru will save you time and allow you to see what various buyers are willing to pay for your exact elliptical machine—minus all the manual work on your part. We do it for you!

At the end of this post we’ll tell you more about how PawnGuru can help you. But first, read the helpful information we put together below about selling your elliptical.

Where Can I Sell a Used Elliptical

At PawnGuru, our specialty is—as you might have guessed—pawn shops!

We highly recommend selling your elliptical to a pawn shop in your local area. Why? It’s a professional transaction and you will be interacting with a pawnbroker to make the sale. Pawnbrokers have seen a lot of items in their careers, and therefore they are very experienced in appraising.

What’s more, with pawn shops, you won’t need to have a total stranger come into your house to check out your machine.

Compare this to selling your elliptical on Craigslist, where you don’t know who will be showing up to your house, and if they’re going to be willing to work with you on a price.

Again, the whole pawn shop experience is professional, and not to mention safe. With PawnGuru, you can do the whole offer-gathering online with various pawn shops who contact you quickly with an offer price if they are interested in your elliptical.

There is no back-and-forth phone calling and emailing involved. At the end of this post, we’ll take you through the step-by-step instructions that tell you how to sell your used elliptical machine at a pawn shop. It only takes a couple of minutes!

First, we are going to give you some tips for preparing your elliptical for the highest appraisal possible.

How to Sell a Used Elliptical Machine for the Highest Price

Make Sure it Works

If your elliptical doesn’t work, we’ll save you some time and tell you it’s not worth pawning or selling. Many people and resellers won’t take broken gym equipment. It typically requires an investment to get it fixed, and for many people it’s not worth it.

In summary, plug in your elliptical and make sure it works before you start the selling process.

Clean your Elliptical

Cleaning your elliptical prior to selling it might help you get a higher appraisal. It goes without saying this is a common courtesy for the buyer, too.

You are bound to make a better impression on the buyer with clean gym equipment versus dusty equipment with fingerprints and sweat.

Wipe down your elliptical with disinfectant cloths. Pay special attention to the handles, buttons and the screen. Clean between the ridges in the grips where you place your feet. What’s more, if your elliptical has water bottle holders, make sure you clean those out.

Include the Manual and Accessories

If you still have the manual for your elliptical machine, include it as part of the entire package when you present it to a buyer. This also goes for any cords and accessories that originally came with your machine. Having the most complete set possible will increase the perceived value of your elliptical.

How to Sell or Pawn a Used Elliptical Machine in the Easiest Way Possible

  1. Create a free online listing for your elliptical machine on PawnGuru
  2. Watch offers roll in online from your local pawn shops
  3. Accept the highest offer (no obligation!)
  4. Bring your elliptical to the pawn shop
  5. Get cash in hand that day

Now that you know how to sell a used elliptical machine, you might be interested to learn how to pawn other items! We’ve listed some related articles for you below to assist you in your future pawn adventures. Enjoy!

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