How to Sell a Printer

January 24, 2020 - Electronics

Take a look around your home to see if you have any old printers lying around.

A used printer in good condition fetches a decent price when you know where to sell it. Check out this quick guide on how to sell a printer so you know the best ways to prep it and where to sell it.

Tips to Follow When Selling a Printer

Before you sell a printer, you need to make sure it still works. Nobody wants to buy a printer with missing or broken parts unless they plan to tinker with it.

First, plug in the printer and check that it turns on. Then, either make a copy or print something from your computer to see that it works correctly. You do not need to replace the ink cartridges if they’re low, but you can include that purchase in the asking price should you choose to do so.

Printers that come with all necessary cables and cords fetch a higher price, especially if you have the original box it came in. If you plan to ship the printer, double check how much it all weighs and factor that into the shipping price.

Where Can I Sell a Printer?

If you do not want to recycle or donate your old printer, you can sell it to make a little extra cash. Here are the top 3 places to quickly sell a printer.

Online Auction Websites

Online auction websites are usually the first place tech-savvy people consider when selling a printer or other unwanted item. Sites like Bonanza and eBay allow you to step up an auction for a set amount of time with simply a product description and photograph.

They also let you know when someone bids on your product. It can take around 2-3 weeks for items to sell and there’s no guarantee someone will bid on or buy your printer.


Classified ads are the traditional way of selling old items you no longer need. Many newspapers and community magazines still have classifieds sections or you can post your printer on an online classifieds website. You generally only need a photo and description to create an advertisement.

You will also need to check your email continually since there’s usually no official notification system. The biggest downside of classifieds is dealing with strangers over the phone or in person. They are also fairly competitive, so you may not fetch a high price.

A Pawn Shop

Finally, the best quickest place to sell a printer is through a pawnshop. Both online and brick-and-mortar pawnshops allow you to get money in hand the same day. They do this by appraising your printer and offering you slightly less than the price they plan to sell it.

Selling a printer through a pawn shop means not waiting around for a potential buyer and no messing with strangers.

Get More Money Faster When You Pawn Online

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