Are Sunglasses Worth Pawning? March 2020

February 11, 2020 - Clothing, Accessories and Handbags

You would be surprised to find that accessories like sunglasses can be used for a pawn loan.

It’s not uncommon to see staples in the eyewear industry sold at pawnshops in fashion conscience cities like Los Angeles. Many pawnshops actually prides themselves on accepting anything of value, ensuring their inventory is thoroughly diversified. With brand named sunglasses retailing anywhere from $200 to more than $1,000—sunglasses make a valuable trade for a collateral loan.

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Still, not every pawn dealer will be interested in luxury commodities. Some pawnshops prefer to deal with items with ambiguity concerning an items’ value. For instance, an iPhone’s value is much easier to discern than designer sunglasses. With electronics, the specs of the item give clear pricing models for dealers to base their payouts. Sunglasses are a little more obscure.

Essentially, value boils down to three defining points that distinguish the value of your sunglasses: brand name, model, and condition. The better quality your sunglasses rank in these three categories–the higher probability you’ll receive a large payout if you decide to pawn them.

  • Brand Name. Certain brands of sunglasses are more sought after than generic or lesser known brands. Designer sunglasses will fetch you the most money if you decide to sell or pawn these glasses.
  • Model. Within sunglasses companies’ branding, there are various models. Some models are made with higher quality materials and designed more ergonomically. This bolsters the retail price.
  • Condition. Keeping your sunglasses’ lens polished and the bridges aligned, without being stretched out will retain the condition of the glasses. Obviously, sunglasses in better condition are worth more money at a pawnshop.

Top Five Best Sunglasses Brands to Pawn

Taking your quality designer sunglasses to the pawnshop is really no different than any other commodity. The higher a product ranks along certain guidelines, the more valuable this item is the eyes of a pawn dealer. Taking a glimpse at the sunglasses retail market provides insight into how much your sunglasses could be worth.

5. Moscot

Since 1915, this New York brand has been adorned by the faces of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Paul Rudd, and James Franco. Even before this sunglasses company got the celebrity endorsement, Moscot has been a cornerstone in the industry. One of Moscot’s most popular models is the ZEV SUN. This model of sunglasses models for $310 and come in 6 different colors.

4. ic! berlin

This eyewear company’s namesake comes from the German city its headquarters were founded. The company began in 1996 and has been gaining momentum in the fashion industry ever since—winning innovating awards for fashion design. Consumers love the sleekly designed frames that are both flexible and durable. One of ic! berlin’s most popular model is the 109 Charlottenburg, which is valued at $479.

3. Persol

Persol, a company owned by Italian Designer Luxottica was originally founded in 1917, making this company one of the oldest sunglasses company in the world. The company’s name translates to “from the sun” in English with chic designs that fold with polarized lenses which filter even the brightest glares from the sun. The most popular Persol model is the Steve McQueen Persol 714 which sells anywhere from $160 to $200.

2. Maui Jim

Headquartered on the island of Hawaii, Maui Jim is a revolutionary company in the eyeglasses industry. Beginning in 1980, Maui Jim stayed exclusive to Hawaiian natives for almost a decade before opening up into the mainland United States. Many of this company’s products are island and water-themed, which make these sunglasses a great choice for the beach. The Shoal Polarized model is available in four different colors and retails for $349.

1. Ray-Ban

Throughout the globe, Ray-Ban might be the most commonly known sunglasses brand for the past decade. Ray-Bad was founded in 1937 and was acquired by the Italian eyewear company, Luxottica (who also owns Persol), for $640 million in 1999. As popular as the name Ray-Ban are the three models offered by the company—Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Aviator sunglasses. These products sell from $153 to $493.

David Stiebel

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