How to Pawn or Sell Anything for Cash Now!

February 20, 2020 - Pawn Resources

If you want to get quick cash for a car or boat or motorcycle, it’s not so easy.

eBay makes you register, use credit cards or Paypal, and takes a big cut; Craigslist exposes you to a lot of possibly shady individuals and is a headache to manage.  And other sites bombard you with ads and complicated stats and deals.

But did you know that pawn shops will give you cash for your car, boat, or motorcycle?  And it is probably the fastest, most convenient transaction you’ll ever find to sell a car, or sell your boat or motorcycle.

And the vehicle doesn’t even have to be in mint condition.  (Pawn shops will buy anything they think they can resell – used or new!)  Make sure you follow some of our Pawn Shop Tips, though!

So if you have a used car on your hands, and want to turn it into cash, try using Pawn Guru’s local cash offer search tool to get immediate cash offers for your car or boat … or really anything!

David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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