Pawn a Nintendo Switch for Quick Money

February 25, 2020 - Electronics

If you are thinking about pawning your Nintendo Switch, the money you get for the game system is well worth it.

The retail value of the game console is $299 at traditional retail stores, fresh out of the box. Recent PawnGuru offers to sell a Nintendo Switch are between $200 and $230, depending on the quality, local demand, and condition. This means pawning your Switch could yield high a loan payout.

If you choose to Pawn your Nintendo Switch, read this article first so you know the logistics and know how to get the most money!

Get Cash by Pawning Your Nintendo Switch!

It happens to everyone. We come home to find a bill in the mail that completely sideswipes us, and we’re forced to scrounge for money. Taking advantage of pawnshops is a great way to get cash fast without hurting your credit score. You won’t have to go through the yellow tape of traditional loan services and can get the items you use for collateral back.

If you need money for an emergency or could just use the extra cash it might be worth it to pawn your Nintendo Switch. You can get the money you need now and can still get your Switch back if you decide you want to use the console again. You may even consider selling it and getting a different game console. Once you pawn your Switch, you’ll at least have the cash you need and options.

Why Pawn Your Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is Currently Worth More than Other Items

Generally, pawn dealers will draw up a pawn loan and offer between 40 and 60 percent of the items retail value. The Nintendo Switch premiered just about a year ago and is still in high demand. The timeliness of the console’s release pushes dealers to offer more than 60 percent on a Switch pawn loan.

PawnGuru users were able to take advantage of this time-frame and received offers higher than the $180-dollar cap at 60 percent which most shops would offer. Many were offered $230 to pawn or sell their Nintendo Switch through the PawnGuru network. The truth is that these high offers won’t last long. As with all commodities, the Nintendo Switch will eventually depreciate as newer, more sophisticated game consoles become available on the market.

Design Flaws

When you’re up against a rock and hard place to pay unforeseen bills, or you just need money in your hands today, it’s hard to justify keeping a game console around. Especially a console that has some major design flaws.

Scratched Screens from Docking

The biggest issue Nintendo Switch owners have is the Switch Dock. The console is made up of different pieces made with cheap plastic. When you slide the tablet piece back into the dock, you inevitably scratch the screen. These scratches also bring down the Nintendo’s value and over time become more prevalent as you continuously scratch the LED panel.

Display Issues

Another big defect that Nintendo Switch users began noticing were display issues. Some Nintendo Switch consoles had dead pixels on the screen. These dead pixels are black spaces in the LED where regular screen functioning should have appeared. Also, when Nintendo Switch users powered up the LED screen, distortions and other screen issues would appear. In most cases, the screen’s ribbon was only half-way plugged in.

Wobbly Controllers

Many gamers also complained that when you assembled the Switch with controllers attached to the LED screen the controllers didn’t fit correctly. This made game-play very difficult as the controllers were wobbly because of the excess room between the controller and screen.

Get the Highest Pawn Loan Offer with PawnGuru

Regardless of what items you choose to use as collateral, you’ll want to get the highest offer. This means more money in your pocket and better terms to pay back your loan. Since not every pawnshop has the same term lengths and will offer you different amounts, finding the best offer becomes an arduous task.

Depending on the size of your city, you will have to drive to each pawnshop to have your Nintendo Switch appraised before pawning. Each dealer will give you their offer based on their perceived value. Once you find the pawnshop willing to give you the most cash, you’ll return to that shop to sign the contract. This is time-consuming and wastes gas! Not anymore!

Now there’s PawnGuru which does all the work for you! Simply list your item for free without any obligations and dealers will email you. Within minutes you’ll get offers on any item you wish to pawn. If you can scroll through your email, you can get your items pawned for cash today! PawnGuru also lets users sell or buy items too!

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David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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