Why Customer Reviews are an Asset

February 26, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Pawn shop marketing may be something you don’t feel you have enough time to do.

In this case, why not let your customers take care of some of the marketing for your pawn shop?

If you haven’t listed your pawn shop on websites that allow for customer reviews, you’re missing out on free marketing that hardly requires any of your time.

Continue reading to learn why and how you should harness the power of customer testimonials for marketing your pawn shop.

2 Ways Review Sites Help With Pawn Shop Marketing

Whether you’re on Yelp, PawnGuru, Google Places or have reviews enabled on your shop’s Facebook page or website, good for you! If you don’t, here are some ways in which review sites help with pawn shop marketing efforts.

1. Free Content for Pawn Shop Marketing

If customers review your pawn shop online, you can quote them on your social media, website and any print marketing materials you distribute. This is free content that you didn’t need to pay for.

Just copy-and-paste the review and you’re good to go. If you receive lengthy reviews, you can pull out specific sentences to use in your marketing. This will make it more digestible and will allow you to use the review to speak to many different parts of your business.

For example, a customer might write a sentence about how helpful your staff is, and then they might touch upon your wonderful array of items for sale. In the next sentence they might talk about how your shop made the pawn process easy for them as a first-time pawner.

Break these into separate statements for different marketing purposes and post away!

2. Social Proof Earns You New Customers

When you can’t interact with a potential customer face-to-face, there needs to be some way to build trust with them. This is where existing customer reviews come in.

Public reviews provide social proof, and they have been proven to increase the chances of earning a customer’s business. They allow any potential customer on the internet to feel like they have insight into your shop before they decide which one they’ll be giving their business to.

A pawn shop with so-so reviews is more likely to receive a customer’s business than a pawn shop with zero reviews. Humans do take into account the opinions of strangers. Encourage reviews of your shop by establishing a presence on these platforms and asking your satisfied customers for reviews when they’re at the check-out counter.

If you personally feel odd asking for a review, feel free to offer them a discount on their next visit if they write a review and show it to you.

Do Review Sites Make You Nervous?

Some business owners are hesitant to list their businesses on review sites because they require you relinquish a certain amount of control. You don’t know exactly what a customer is going to post, and you can’t exactly delete it.

However, this should not be a concern if your staff is always on their game. After all, they should be—regardless of your presence on a review site. Consistent approachability, friendliness, fair prices, attractive merchandise and a professional shop appearance will ensure your shop receives favorable reviews.

If you have not yet listed your pawn shop on sites that allow reviews, the potential for all this free marketing is worth some vulnerability on your part as a business owner. If you do receive an undeserved negative review, all your happy customers’ reviews will negate a bad customer’s credibility.

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