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January 18, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Most pawn shops run a respectable business.

While they might try to get the best value from you, they should never cheat or provide you with false information about any of their products for sale. These establishments are strictly regulated to curtail illegal activity. If you have a complaint to file against a pawn shop, there are several solutions available to you. You can contact the pawn shop directly to discuss the matter with them. If you used PawnGuru to submit your item, and something went wrong, you should definitely tell us – PawnGuru shops should always respect PawnGuru users.  But if you went outside of PawnGuru, you might need to complain to a regulatory authority.

If you want to know more about pawn complaints, please contact us at PawnGuru. Just fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Collect Evidence

If you want to complain about an establishment, you need to collect proof of any wrongdoing on the pawn shop’s part. If you don’t have proof, you won’t get any compensation. It’s always a good idea to collect all possible proof of transaction before you pawn something or sell it at a pawn shop. You can:

• Take pictures of the items you intend to pawn or sell.
• Keep the original receipt as a proof of ownership if possible.
• Keep copies of all transactions between you and the pawn broker, including the final bills and documents.

These items will help you get the right compensation for your loss. You should also choose a legitimate pawn broker before you sell or purchase anything from them. Make sure that they have valid licenses to run a business in your state.

Look for Pawn Regulators

There’s no uniform regulatory authority when it comes to pawn brokers because different departments handle the problem in different states. If you want to file a complaint against pawn brokers, you need to figure out which department is responsible for pawn complaints. For example, in Florida, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services handles the licenses of pawn brokers and would accept complaints against them.

Websites of such regulatory authorities usually have detailed instructions on how you can form a complaint report and file it. Most will allow you to file the complaint online so you won’t have to personally visit the authority office.

Consumer Bureau

You can always complain to Consumer Complaints authority or Better Business Bureau if you can’t find many details regarding pawn brokers. Even if you sell or purchase items from pawn shops, you’re considered a consumer so you can utilize this portal. You can also post reviews on Yelp and Google Plus. They’re great tools to ensure that word gets out and spreads.

Bad reviews can also force companies to listen and improve the quality of their services and lives. This can help ensure the problem is resolved without outside influence and requires less effort. If the pawn broker isn’t willing to help, you should approach the authorities immediately.

You may have to visit the regulatory office personally and present all the evidence you might have. Be sure to keep some copies of all transactions in case something ever does happen.

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