PawnGuru vs Craigslist: Which Is the Better Choice?

February 28, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Did you know that over 30 million under-banked Americans rely on pawn shops to make ends meet?

Instead of relying on alternatives like eBay or Craigslist, consumers prefer to take the time to visit a pawn shop and learn what it has to offer.

With the rise of technology hubs and innovative ventures came PawnGuru, a website where consumers can post information about the items they’d like to sell, pawn, or buy from pawn shops.

PawnGuru co-founder Jordan Birnholtz explains that the service hopes to help low-income and underbanked people improve their financial lives by giving them more transparency, convenience and more cash in their pockets.

By bringing pawnshops into the world of 21st-century e-commerce, PawnGuru’s software helps major markets located in cities like Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago.

In just over a year since its release in 2016, it facilitated $4 million in offers for over 20,000 people. And while Craigslist keeps providing a steady service year after year, there’s no denying that PawnGuru has something new to offer consumers.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list that shows the benefits of PawnGuru vs Craigslist. Keep reading below to find out which platform works better for you.

PawnGuru vs Craigslist

If you want to sell your item at a pawn shop you:

  1. Receive quick cash.
  2. Don’t need to meet a stranger at their residence or yours.
  3. Gain clarity and transparency on many pawn buyer offers online so you never miss the best deal.
  4. Maintain real business relations

Another benefit that Craigslist does not offer is the time-saving factor. If you decide to buy an item from a pawn shop you don’t have to spend time shopping around for prices.

Pawn shops tend to be more knowledgable about certain types of items which make them efficient for their business and for the consumer. So there’s a higher chance of you finding an antique piece of jewelry through Pawnguru vs Craigslist.

Moreover, if you need to make money but are considering the possibility of recovering your stuff if you become financially stable again, consider doing business with a pawn shop. You can bring in anything that you can use as collateral for a pawn loan, and while pawn loans make you pay interest you can still get your stuff back.

They don’t check your background or credit score when giving you a loan either, so it’s an easy way to get cash.

What items are pawn shops interested in? This is where PawnGuru comes in. Our service lets you submit information about any item through our website or mobile site.

Who Makes the Final Cut?

In the world of increasing e-commerce, identifying the best service for your need is crucial before you make a decision. You want to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and above else any loss of money.

So after reviewing PawnGuru vs Craigslist feel free to test your knowledge. Sign up with our service and compare the experience with Craigslist. And let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.


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