Sell Your Alexander McQueen Purse

January 16, 2020 - Clothing, Accessories and Handbags

Do you want to find the perfect new owner for your Alexander McQueen purse?

How much did you buy the handbag for, assuming it wasn’t a gift? How’s its condition? Do you prefer to sell it online or in person?

You can get in your car and drive to the nearest pawn shop. But before you do, have a game plan.

Seller’s remorse can be just as powerful as buyer’s remorse. Before you let go of that authentic leather strap, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Here’s what you should consider during the selling process.

How Much Is Your Alexander McQueen Purse Worth?

There are a few different ways to find out how much your bag could sell for.

Is your bag like-new? Or does it have obvious signs of wear-and-tear? This will help to determine a price point.

You can check Ebay for a general idea. They keep a running list of already-auctioned items. You can get an idea of the standard retail price, but keep in mind that pawn shops are resellers so your take home price will be lower.

Head to a local pawn and check out their selection of authentic handbags. What is the average price? Of course, keep in mind that sellers receive only a percentage of the final selling cost.

Keep your audience in mind, too. Alexander McQueen was an eccentric, provocative, and complex fashion designer. Those who can appreciate his out-of-the-box style will likely pay more for an item with his name on it.

How Do You Want to Sell Your Handbag?

There are quite a few methods for selling items. Tailor the experience to your preferences.

You can keep it old-school and drive right to the local consignment or pawn shop. Now, websites like PawnGuru allow you to list your item and wait for the highest bid – all from the comforts of home.

If you are planning to sell your item online, make it as presentable as possible.

Take the highest-quality photos you can. Capture images of your bag from different angles. Include the inside and outside, so buyers know what they’re getting.

This allows you to answer fewer questions and get right to the money phase.

Remember to Be Realistic

When it comes to the psychology of handbags, it’s hard for some women to resist shelling out the big bucks. A bag is an expression of oneself, one’s livelihood – and it carries all our junk for us. A new bag is “virgin territory,” ready to make history with its owner.

But remember that your bag has already had its first go-around, so be realistic with how you’re pricing it. The resale value will be significantly lower than the original price tag. That might hurt your heart a little, but if you need the money, be realistic.

A competitive price will get your bag off the market and into someone else’s hands, leaving you with the cash.

A Handy Guide to Selling Your Handbag

Your Alexander McQueen purse is the first thing to go. What’s next?

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