How to Sell Your Kate Spade Purse

January 16, 2020 - Clothing, Accessories and Handbags

Do you need some fast cash? 

Designer handbags are a great option. Even used brand-name items can sell for a few hundred bucks.

Kate  Spade bags are a great example of an in-demand handbag.

On average, Kate Spade bags sell for $200 and even as high as $450. You may not get the whole price back, but you can still get a decent chunk, such as half of what you paid for.

Continue reading and know everything about selling your Kate Spade purse.

The Best Places to Sell

Before you sell your Kate Spade purse, you should do some research. Here are some examples of stores that offer you the most money for your bag.

Your Local Pawn Shop

You’ll be shocked at how much your local pawn shop may be willing to offer for your purse.

Let’s say your purse is a few years old, but you barely used it and the purse is still in immaculate condition.

A local store may still be willing to pay for its full worth, even though it may be out-of-season.


Selling your purse online helps you set your price and contact buyers directly.

Many online retailers make it easy to connect with buyers who want a designer purse for cheap. This is why many sellers can sell off their purse quickly.

When setting your price, be as reasonable as possible. Your purse may be lightly used and in great condition. But if the purse has a couple years on it, you’ll want to decrease the price to half of what you paid.

Tips When Selling Your Kate Spade Purse

While selling your Kate Space purse can be easy, there are some important tips that will help you get the most for your purse.

Photograph Your Bag Well

You want your purse photographs to be well-lit, high-res, and you’ll want to offer many different shots to prove its quality. Avoid taking blurry or low-quality pictures, and don’t snag a picture from the retailer’s website.

You want your images to look as professional but as real and close to the purse as you can.

Be Wary of Buyers

Unfortunately, not all buyers are legitimate.

It’s easy to run into danger, especially when you’re selling on a public website or forum. These type of websites such as Craigslist host a myriad of different scammers and overall sketchy people with bad intentions.

When a buyer contacts you, trust your instincts. Proceed with caution when meeting with a buyer face-to-face and never give out your personal information, such as your full name, address, and phone number.

Sell Your Purse With Us

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