Want to Sell Your Michael Kors Purse?

January 15, 2020 - Clothing, Accessories and Handbags

Ladies, how many designer handbags do you have floating around your closet?

Did you know that the average woman owns 7 handbags? We know, a girl has got to look her best, and carrying a mismatching handbag is a serious fashion crime. But, how often do you really use that yellow Michael Kors purse? Or the cute little backpack that only looks good with one outfit.

If you have a bag or two in your closet that’s quite literally only holding dust, it may be time to considering a pawn shop.

Read on to learn how a pawn shop can benefit you– and your wallet.

Determine the Resale Value of Your Michael Kors Purse

Before you go marching down to the local pawn shop, you should first do a bit of research. Chances are, your bag is worth much more than you think.

For instance, check out this Michael Kors alligator satchel, holding a whopping price of $7000. Or even this leather satchel, priced as low as $298.

Do a quick search on the Michael Kors website and see what the retail price is. Remember to factor in how long you’ve owned the purse and any damages it may have.  Also, pawn shops are resellers, so your price will be lower than retail.

Learn How a Pawn Shop Works

Now that you know exactly how much you’re going to ask for your handbag, it’s important to know what your options are. Yes, you have options.

Many people think that your only option with a pawn shop is to sell your handbag, but what they don’t realize is that pawn shops offer personal loans as well. If you’re thinking of selling your handbag because you’re strapped for cash, but you really do love your Michael Kors collection, you’re in luck.

You can list your Kors items as a form of collateral. The pawn shop will then offer you a loan based on how much your handbag is worth. Once you’ve successfully repaid the loan your collateral is released and you get to keep your handbag.

List Your Item

Ready to get started? The first step in selling your handbag is listing it. This process only takes 3 easy steps:

  • Select the handbag category
  • Select your brand
  • Upload an image and describe your product

Once you’ve completed these steps you’re all done. Whether you decide to pawn your item for a loan or sell it, the steps are quick and painless.

Looking to Clean Out More of Your Closet?

Feeling some new energy after cleaning out your Michael Kors purse collection? Why not dive into your Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret wardrobe?

Even if you’ve sold all that you’re willing, why not do some window shopping to fill up the empty space you’ve just made? You may just be surprised at what you find.


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