Why You Should Sell Power Tools to a Pawn Shop

March 03, 2020 - Equipment and Tools

Everyone ends up strapped for cash from time to time.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the option of selling or pawning items they own.

If you are lucky enough to own tools (that you don’t use often) and are in need of money, choosing to take them to a pawn shop might be your best bet. So, why should you sell power tools?

We’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of choosing this route. Keep reading for more information!

Always in Demand

Pawn shops aren’t going to buy something that they can’t sell for a profit. They’re not trying to be rude or offensive, but the shop is a business and they must make money.

Power tools are always in demand because they are incredibly expensive. If you search online for high-end tools, you will see that they come with quite a price tag. You probably even remember what you paid for yours!

There will almost always be a construction worker, new mechanic, or another tradesman that needs working tools for their job. Sometimes it’s because their tools break and other times it is because they simply can’t afford to buy brand new.

Either way, pawn shops will always make money on power tools–which means you will too!

Little Emotional Attachment

Choosing to sell personal items to a pawn shop can be difficult. Often, there is some sentimental value associated with your belongings, especially high-dollar ones such as heirloom firearms or wedding jewelry.

Unless your power tools were passed down from your great grandfather, chances are they are simply a means to an end. This means that you aren’t going to have an emotional conversation with your partner about the goods sold and you can easily replace it with something better.

Selling for Value

You aren’t selling your power tools simply because they are in the way; you or a loved one needs the cash flow. This means that you want to get the best price for the goods you intend to sell.

To do this, ensure that the tools are as clean as possible, have the owner’s manual, and are in relatively good condition. The better they look, the more a pawn shop will pay!

Additionally, certain brands tend to bring in more money than others. This is because these brands are known for their reliability and longevity. No one wants to buy a power tool that breaks the first time they use it!

To Sell Power Tools or to Pawn Them?

When you are choosing whether to sell power tools or pawn them, the choice can be difficult. Many people have a mixed understanding of these two terms. It is quite simple: a pawn is a loan and a sale is final.

This means that when you sell your tools, you leave with the cash and don’t have to worry about coming back or making payments. It also means that you may have to replace your tools at some point which could mean finding great deals at your favorite pawn store!

Pawning is also a great option if you can’t bare the thought of losing your tools or only need the cash for short-term use.

If you’d like to know about other items that can net fast cash, take a look at this blog!


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