How Do I Sell My TV Online For Cash?

January 17, 2020 - Electronics

Do you have an old TV you’re trying to get rid of?

You can’t just throw it in a Craigslist ad an hope for the best. In fact, that could be dangerous, leaving you susceptible to scammers.

If you’re wondering “how do I sell my TV the easy way?”, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll give you our top tips, so you can make a quick sale and get the best possible price.

Read on to find out more.

How Do I Sell My TV for Some Fast Cash?

Here are four easy steps for turning your old TV into cold, hard cash.

1. Know Your Specs

A reputable brand name is one of the first things pawn shops look for in TVs.

If yours carries one of the best TV brand names, you’ll have no trouble making a sale. You’ll also need to know the dimensions, the type of technology it uses, and how old it is.

2. Check its Condition

The better condition your TV is in, the more money you’ll get for it.

Give it a thorough inspection to make sure everything is working properly. As well as aesthetics, you’ll also need to look for functional ability.

Is everything working as it should? Are all the buttons as responsive as they should be? If not, you could have a hard time getting rid of it.

3. Make Sure You Have Everything

When you’re selling any used item, it pays to have the whole original set as you bought it. Certain items can easily become broken or misplaced over the years.

Make sure you have all of the required cables and accessories for your TV. Ideally, you should have the remote, too. Some pawn shops will accept TVs without remotes, as universal ones can be used. However, this isn’t always the case.

If you have the original box and instructions that came with your TV, that’s even better. The more items and accessories you have, the more your TV will be worth. Do some digging around and see what you can find.

4. Shop Around for Buyers

The amount of cash you’ll be able to get for your used TV will depend on where you sell it, so don’t just accept the first offer you’re given. Have a good idea of what your ideal asking price is, then ask around and see what kind of offers you get. Keep in mind that pawn shops are resellers, so the price they offer you will be lower than the standard retail price of your TV.

If you’re taking it to a pawn shop, keep in mind that different shops will offer different prices based on what kind of TVs they already have in their inventories.

Turn Your Old Electronics into Cash

As technology advances and we upgrade our electronics, the old ones usually end up gathering dust or getting thrown out.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can make money from them.

Now that you know the answer to “how do I sell my TV?”, you can start selling your other electronics, too.

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