Sunset Pawnbrokers in Los Angeles, CA

January 27, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Sunset Pawnbrokers, located in the heart of Hollywood, has been serving the local community for over 30 years.

They’re open seven days a week and near many Hollywood attractions. Sunset Pawnbrokers specializes in jewelry, and musical instruments and equipment.

“I had a few celebrities in the shop that I helped out,” Torgan said. “But, can’t tell you any names.”

Today the proprietor is Jeff Torgan, a Ukraine immigrant, who took ownership back in 2002. Ever since joining the pawn industry, he’s enjoyed helping customers and meeting new people.

For years, musicians and DJ’s have frequented the shop to pawn and sell their musical gear. Occasionally, a few unique items will find their way in the shop. Torgan once received an original photograph of Marilyn Monroe.

WW2 helmets at Sunset Pawnbrokers

“I mainly deal with musical equipment, like instruments and recording equipment,” Torgan said. “I would say, 70% of my business is from musicians.”

It’s a new way to do business,” Torgan says.

As a pawnbroker, Torgan considers the resale value of an item before he accepts it as collateral for a loan. The cash offer amount will directly depend upon items resale ability. At Sunset Pawnbrokers, the average pawn loan is $150

“The best thing is knowing what to expect; know what your item is  worth,” Torgan said. “Sometimes people come and say ‘I paid this much for this item,’ and they simply paid too much for it.”

Having a pawn shop in Los Angeles near West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and the Fairfax District has lent itself to serving a few local celebrities. While it’s fun to meet new people every day, Torgan also feels it’s a great opportunity to help people.

“I had a few celebrities in the shop that I helped out,” Torgan said. “But, can’t tell you any names.”

Music equipment at Sunset Pawnbrokers

Since signing on with PawnGuru, Torgan regularly checks for submissions on his tablet. As user activity continues increases, he hopes to see unique items on PawnGuru.
“It’s a new way to do business,” Torgan says. “I’m always excited to see a new customer in the store.”

Pawn Tip:
When pawning antiques or vintage items, do not attempt any restoration on your own, e.g., cleaning. Whether it’s old coins, instruments or furniture – you can greatly diminish an item’s value by “fixing” it.

Jordan Birnholtz

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