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February 02, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Josh and Amy Longacre run Superior Pawn and Gun in Virginia.

In 1995, in the neighborhood of Wards Corner, they opened a pawn shop focused on building strong relationships with their customers and community.

Longacre is very proud of the four generations of customers that continue to pawn and sell.
“We have been able to help parents and their children, together with their grandparent and great grandparents,” Longacre said.

The real advantage of a pawn loan, according to Longacre, is that it is instant. 

Naval Station Norfolk is located nearby; many naval officers frequent Superior Pawn, and have help Superior Pawn establish a good reputation.
“We serve doctors, lawyers and executives too,” Longacre said. “We serve everybody.”

According to Longacre, the real advantage of a pawn loan is that it is instant. Individuals in need of quick cash are best off with local, cost-effective solutions, and that is where a neighborhood pawn shop offers superior value to consumers.
“If you bring in a piece of jewelry or a firearm, you can be out in five minutes with the money you need,” Longacre said. “It is very quick and convenient, especially after we have established a relationship with the customer. Some even keep their cars running.”

Superior Pawn Shop

Their average loan is $125, but no matter the size, Longacre takes extra care to ensure the safety of all merchandise pawned. Once a customer wanted to pawn a large 70” television but had no way to bring it to the shop. To avoid making the customer spend money on a rental truck, Longacre helped bring it to the shop himself.
“The business is based on relationships,” Longacre said.

“We have had people trade in their guns for wedding bracelets,” Longacre said. “This happened a couple of times recently.”

Local customers that are in the Navy, will leave their guns at Superior Pawn instead of home when they head out to sea.
“They will go out to sea for six months or more, and we will write them a small pawn and they will pay the interest in advance so we can hold the guns in our safes,” Longacre said. “This way they know it is safe.”

If someone wants to change or recreate a piece of jewelry, Longacre has a jeweler who specializes in making custom jewelry and will offer trade-in options.
“We have had people trade in their guns for wedding bracelets,” Longacre said. “This happened a couple of times recently.”

Some of the most memorable items that Longacre has seen have been two tour jackets from the singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye (1939–1984).

Since July of last year, Longacre started realizing the great benefit that PawnGuru gives to his local customers.
“PawnGuru is a quick way for people to feel us out,” Longacre said. “It is also convenient for the customer because they do not have to schlep a bunch of stuff down to us before they have an idea what they are going to get for it.”

For Longacre, being a pawnbroker is a challenging and rewarding profession.

“People are leaving items with us that they’ve had in their family for years, and it is worth a considerable amount of money,” he explained. “You never know what is going to come in the door.”

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