5 Things to Know About Pawn Shops in Charlotte, NC

February 25, 2020 - Pawn Resources

There are over twenty pawnshops in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Of course, not every pawnshop is created equally. Visiting different Charlotte area pawnshops will offer a range of experiences. Customer service, loan terms, and the amount of money the dealer is willing to offer are all variable. The quality of pawnshop you visit will affect the quality of your collateral loan. This is why many use PawnGuru to sift through problematic pawn dealers.

How to Find Reputable Pawnshops in Charlotte

When choosing a pawnshop, it’s important to choose carefully. Pawnshops clients also need to consider the service. Pawnshops should be a professional environment that should have knowledgeable, courteous, and accommodating employees. Without patrons, a pawnshop wouldn’t be able to do business. It’s a two-way street.

Charlotte is known for its friendly neighborhoods and the local businesses should mirror this same endearing atmosphere. Whether you are buying, pawning, or selling—it’s imperative you do business with people you know you can trust! Read on to know five easy steps to getting the most money for a pawn loan in Charlotte, North Carolina!

1. Don’t Leave Your Money Up to Fate: Use PawnGuru

The number one way to ensure you’re getting the highest amount of money for your collateral loan is using PawnGuru. This foolproof system uses aggregating software, so you can access a digital network of the pawnshops in Charlotte. Put simply, your listing is broadcasted to every local dealer. This helps you gauge the market and local demand for the specific item you’re planning to pawn.

Instead of visiting each pawnshop to have your items appraised, you can post a single listing for free with no obligation to pawn or sell. Pawnshops are notified of your listing and email you their offers. Within minutes you can scroll through your emails to identify the highest offer. With an abundance of offers, you’ll know hands down you’re getting the most money possible. This takes the hassle out of the equation for all parties involved—you and the pawn dealer.

2. Know Each Pawnshops’ Specialization

When you use PawnGuru, you’ll already know the pawnshop deals in the type of item you’re attempting pawn since they have already made you an offer. It’s still a good idea to research this pawnshop to see if they specialize in any other products and commodities. This gives you insight and diversifies your options. The PawnGuru site provides all the information you’ll need to know like specialization, showroom details, and more!

For instance, say you post a listing for a Nintendo Switch game console and you get an offer for $200. After conversing with the dealer through emails you find out the pawnshop also deals in antiquities. You know you have some hand-crafted furniture in the attic you’re interested in pawning. Now you can use the relationship established by PawnGuru to see if you can double-up on your money and pawn more than one item during your visit. You can also use PawnGuru to cross-verify that this dealer will give you the highest offer for the antique furniture too!

3. Does this Pawnshop Have a Good Record?

Another handy function of PawnGuru is the rating star system. This peer-review system allows PawnGuru users to rate the service they received at the pawnshop and report any dissatisfaction. Just because a pawnshop is willing to give you a high offer for your collateral doesn’t mean they are easy to work with. Rude service or deceptive loan terms is a quick way for a pawnshop to go out of business.

With PawnGuru’s built-in review system this gives you one more edge against doing business with a ‘shady’ pawnshop. If you use PawnGuru, you’ll know the pawnshop you’re working with has been vetted by the community. This leaves less up to chance and keeps your ear to the ground for what shops are reputable and which shops are not!

4. Know the Specifics of the Shop’s Loan Terms

Depending on state law and the pawnshop’s business practices, dealers offer different loan terms. A pawnshops loan terms include interest rates, loan length, grace periods, and storage details. For instance, you decide to pawn pieces of your high-end art collection. You establish that the pawn dealer is willing to give you a payout of $300 dollars at a 15% interest rate. Another shop is willing to give you $250 at 8% interest rate.

It’s important to compare both the offer and interest rate. Do your math before you sign a contract. Over time you might end up paying more than you would have if you decided to go with a lower offer with an advantageous lower interest rate. PawnGuru helps simplify this whole process by making the comparison step in the process much quicker!

5. What Happens if I don’t Repay my Loan?

If you decide to cut your losses and keep the money without getting your collateral back, then you’ll want to know the stipulations. In almost every case, your item will be relinquished after the loan term length is up. This means you agreeably forfeit your item and the pawnshop can sell it. The good news is this will not hurt your credit!

Many pawnshops will allow you to extend the term length by making a single interest payment while others automatically extend your term length after making interest payments. Some dealers give clients a grace period out of the courtesy of doing business. It’s all circumstantial. The most expedited way of figuring out all these details is to use PawnGuru as a liaison between yourself and the shop you’ll be doing business with.

To pawn, sell, or buy any item use PawnGuru and know you’re getting the best deal in Charlotte, NC!

David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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