What Can I Pawn for 500 Dollars

February 29, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Asking yourself, what can I pawn for 500 dollars?

You’re in luck. There are likely more items in your house than you think that you can pawn for 500 dollars when you’re in a pinch.

At PawnGuru, we have helped pawners all over the U.S. who need $500 fast for covering unexpected expenses. And we will be happy to help you, too! We give pawners a free online space to put their items up for bid for their local pawn shops to see, so we have seen a lot of offers exchanged for $500.

We decided to put our data to use and create a list for you to answer your question, so you can get the full picture of what you can pawn for $500!

Explore the list below to learn what types of items pawn shops are generally willing to pay $500 for. Keep in mind that in the pawn shop world, brand name, age, condition and model can affect how much you can get for your item. The better condition and quality of your item, the more money you will get.

That being said, you might get a little more or less than 500 dollars for pawning an item in one of the categories below. But keep in mind these are averages. You will likely be pleasantly surprised!

After reading through this list, find your way to the bottom of this post to learn how to use PawnGuru to get cash offers from multiple pawn shops near you—all without leaving the comfort of your home.

What Can I Pawn for $500 Cash-In-Hand Today?

You can pawn the following items for approximately $500 cash today.

  • Gamer Computer
  • High-End Laptop
  • New Large Screen HD or 4K TV
  • Riding Lawn Mower
  • Old Car or Truck (the title must be in your name)
  • Gold, Platinum & Silver Jewelry
  • Large Diamond with Great Clarity
  • High-End Watch
  • Motorcycle (the title must be in your name)
  • High-End Musical Instrument
  • Firearm (must be in your name)

What if the Pawn Shop Offers Me Less than $500?

If you don’t receive a full $500 offer for the single item you wish to pawn, you can find something else to pawn with it to get 500 dollars or more. Let our list above help you brainstorm what else you can take to the pawn shop today! If you’re only coming short $100 or so, check out our article, What Can I Pawn for 100 Dollars.

How to Pawn Something for 500 Dollars Easily & for the Most Money

  1. Put your item up for bid on PawnGuru—fast, free and easy!
  2. View the multiple bids you receive online from pawn shops near you
  3. Accept the highest bid —there’s no obligation!
  4. Bring your item to the pawn shop
  5. Get $500 cash in hand!

Now that we’ve answered your question “what can I pawn for 500 dollars,” you are armed with the knowledge necessary to get the 500 dollars you need today. After this experience, you’ll likely want to pawn more items. Feel free to use the following resources to help you in your future pawning endeavors!

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