Where to Find Cheap Silver

February 22, 2020 - Jewelry & Luxury Items

Buying silver in any form is a popular investment.

Experts predict a 5 percent increase in demand for physical silver investment in 2019.

Silver is more affordable than gold, which makes it attainable for small investors.

When prices are down, buy new coins, like the American Silver Eagle or Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf. Both are one ounce of .9999 silver guaranteed.

When the cost of silver rises, try other ways to buy cheap silver. Instead of new coins, search for junk silver below market price

Junk silver looks like today’s dimes, nickels, and quarters. The difference is it’s minted before 1965 using real silver.

Where Can You Find Cheap Silver?

Junk silver coins contain 35% to 90% silver. It’s worth your time and effort to search flea markets, antique malls, and coin stores.

Here are some ideas for finding junk silver below market price.

Check Your Pockets and Coin Jar

Start your search at home. Do you toss your coins in a jar at the end of each day? Take a close look at all your change.

You may find an early Roosevelt dime worth more than a dollar.

Flea Markets, Yard and Garage Sales

Most people don’t realize their old coins have value. Or, they underestimate the true value.

Getting up early on the weekend to scout yard and garage sales can turn a profit. Take a close look at coin displays at every flea market and garage sale.

Coin Exchange Machines

Sometimes when you feed change into a coin counting machine, it rejects some. Often the coins kicked back are foreign, or worn out silver dimes, nickels, and quarters.

Check the return bin each time you pass a coin counting machine. Take a peek in the loading bin and on the floor under the machine for dropped coins.

Antique Stores, Coin Dealers

Check local coin dealers and antique shops. You may find a lower price if the store doesn’t update silver prices every week.

Look for bags of old coins at the antique shop. When silver prices spike, hurry in to buy a roll of coins for less than the market price.

Ask local coin dealers if they have loose coins or junk silver rolls for sale. They may have coins for sale that aren’t on display.

Ask the Cashier

If you aren’t shy, go ahead and ask the cashier if they have any odd coins in the drawer. This is a good tactic at gas stations and convenience stores with lots of traffic.

Another option is to buy a roll of quarters or dimes from the store. It doesn’t take much time to search the roll for junk silver.

Find something good in a coin roll and you can sell it for big bucks.

Determine the Current Coin Value

If you want to know the exact current value of a coin, you can check the price online. Multiply the current spot price by the silver content to determine silver value.

Knowing the silver value helps you spot a deal on cheap silver. Always look for these 90% silver coins:

  • Roosevelt Dimes 1932-1964
  • Washington Quarters 1932-1964
  • Kennedy Half Dollars 1964

Any coin with silver content is a good find. Find a 90% silver coin on the ground or your coin jar and you’ve turned a profit.

It’s easier to find deals at local pawn or dealer stores than it is online. Consider a comparison service like PawnGuru to research prices.


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