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Atlanta experts: avoid payday loans, use a pawn shop

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Did you come here after searching for a payday loan in Atlanta? Don’t take one.

Payday loans trap consumers in a cycle of debt not only in Atlanta, but across all of Georgia. They charge enormous fees designed to keep their clients in debt for as long as possible. We know it’s hard to avoid the “debt trap” payday lenders snare their Atlanta customers in. That’s why we built PawnGuru, which has been active in Atlanta with over 70 shops since April 2014. We wanted to help consumers avoid payday and cash advance loans, to get emergency cash on better terms. Instead of taking a payday loan or cash advance, try a pawn shop.

While payday lenders proliferate online, local pawn shops can be hard to find and connect with. That’s a shame because pawn shops offer loans with considerably less downside. According the NPA, over 85% of pawned items are ultimately redeemed. And for those items not redeemed, the tragedy is real– but considerably less financially damaging than failing to make good on a payday loan. Over 17000 customers in Atlanta have decided to use PawnGuru to get cash to make ends meet.

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PawnGuru solves the problem of getting you the most money for your pawn loan, or the highest price for your sold item. We submit your item to multiple local pawn shops so you can choose the best offer possible, based on price, location, and the quality of customer service. On average, pawn shop offers vary by an average 270%, so it’s critical to submit online to get the best deal.

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Atlanta experts: avoid payday loans, use a pawn shop
Thinking of using a payday loan business in Atlanta? Pawn shops offer a much better solution to your money troubles.
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