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Come to Steel City to Pawn

Find the Best Pawn Shops Pittsburgh, PA | March 2019

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Known under its moniker as the “Steel City” for the ubiquitous bridges, skyscrapers, and steel-related businesses that make up the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—this commonwealth is a gold mine for pawning!

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
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Pawn or Sell An Item

Since the city has over 1,600 technology firms and the entrepreneurial scene is booming, many young professionals re-locate throughout Pittsburgh. This means great scores at pawn shops from hot commodities like electronics, furniture, and jewelry. The pawn industry recommends using PawnGuru to quickly sort through the myriad shops to find the best deal!

How PawnGuru Finds Top Dealers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is around 60-square miles with 446 bridges uniting over 30 skyscrapers. On top of this, there are dozens of pawnshops sprinkled into the steel landscape from Brighton Heights to the South Shore neighborhood. Navigating through this city can take an unrelenting amount of time and effort. This is troublesome for those who like to get good deals at pawnshops because comparison shopping is vital to ensuring that you get the best offer.

In the past, Pittsburgh natives would drive up and down I-279 to compare an offer from one dealer to another. Between driving, getting your items appraised, and keeping your gas tank filled—this system of pawning was challenging. Either a client would get over it and risk the potential of getting a better offer or would spend all day comparison shopping. On top of risking doing business with a non-reputable shop or getting bad service, this turned many away from the idea of pawning as a simple way to get a short-term loan that won’t hurt your credit score.

Now, there’s an easier way—using PawnGuru! This web-based application makes finding the best pawnshop with the highest offer and best reputation a one-step process. Whether you’re buying, selling, or pawning just create a free listing with no obligation to do business with anyone. Your listing is broadcasted to every pawn shop in Pittsburgh for dealers to review. Within minutes, dealers will send you their offers leaving you to simply sift through offers.

Using PawnGuru is the only way to verifiably know you’re getting the best deal possible!

PawnGuru’s Top 3 Pawnshops in Pittsburgh

1. Cash for Gold

With five locations across Pennsylvania, Cash for Gold is a trusted name in the northeastern pawn industry. As an established chain, you know you’ll be in good hands—treated with respectable and discreet service. The professional gold & jewelry appraisers are known for giving fair deals and the store is so confident they even offer a “best price guarantee.”

The store solely deals in gold, silver, diamonds, and coins. Cash for Gold purchases items across the board made with these mediums like flatware and clad coins. Cash for Gold only makes purchases so if you’re looking for a pawn loan you will need to go elsewhere.

If you’re looking to sell items for your jewelry collection Cash for Gold is a hands-down great place to make transactions. However, if you’re looking to retrieve your items you will need to find another shop. Either way, use PawnGuru for verification that you’re getting the best deal!

2. Sparklez Jewelry & Loan

First opening their doors in 1986, Sparklez Jewelry & Loan has been a family owned and operated store since it began serving the Pittsburgh community for over 32 years. The shop’s service is so reputable they have been voted the #1 jewelry store and won the Tribune Review’s Reader’s Choice Award twice! At Sparklez Jewelry & Loan, you know you can trust the people you do business with.

Sparklez Jewelry & Loan is a full-service pawnshop that buys, sells, and offers short term loan services. You can also have your jewelry appraised for free and get any repairs that your items might need at this shop. This shop is known for fair loan terms if you decide to pawn your jewelry here. The shop also has an exquisite showroom if you’re looking to buy affordable jewelry at lower price points a retailer can’t offer you!

PawnGuru absolutely recommends doing business with Sparklez Jewelry & Loan! This shop is trustworthy, but we still advise to corroborate their appraisals against the entirety of every jewelry dealer in Pittsburgh with PawnGuru’s aggregation software.

3. Gelman Loan

Those looking for a pawnshop outside the spectrum of jewelry, but still want luxury service need only visit one place—Gelman Loan! This store’s been open for 75 years, serving the Pittsburgh community with honest and trustworthy service. Their pitch, “See Sonny for the Money” has been the saying locals use when visiting the shop while looking for a short-term loan for nearly a century!

Gelman is a full-service pawnshop and deals in a diverse range of products like electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, tools & power equipment and much more! Gelman’s rates are fixed at 3% which are controlled by the Banking Association. This makes any pawn loan you get at Gelman Loan a fair deal!

If you receive an email from Sonny after using PawnGuru to search through Pittsburgh’s pawnshops for a deal we recommend comparing this offer with others in the area. You never know when a better deal is waiting around the corner. There’s only one way to find out! Use PawnGuru!

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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Find the Best Pawn Shops Pittsburgh, PA | March 2019
Come to Steel City to pawn your items. Pittsburgh is home to over 1600 technological firms. Come to Cash For Gold, Sparklez Jewelry & Loan, or Gelman Loan.
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