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What Can I Sell To A Pawn Shop? | March 2019

How Pawning Works, How to Use PawnGuru

In addition to collateral loans, pawn shops operate just like retail stores by selling used and new items at deeply discounted retail prices, sometimes near wholesale.

Pawnbrokers will buy items and sell them later to the general public. Most pawn shops buy pieces of jewelry if they contain gold or diamonds. They are constantly restocking their shelves for customers, and certain items may be in demand more so than others. 

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Also, pawn shops often buy electronics and tools. When it comes to tools, most pawn shops go for brand names, so if the tool you intend to sell has a recognizable brand name, you’ll get a more money. Truthfully, any used items that you don’t need or use, but still has value, could still interest a pawnbroker. An old laptop, lawnmower, and anything antique, are great items to bring to a nearby pawn shop.

After collecting the items you wish to sell, the next step is finding the best pawn shop. If the shop does not have clientele interested in your merchandise, you will have trouble selling to them. However, other pawn shops may feel different and actually pay a  good price if they know someone they can sell to.

Think of PawnGuru as the “matchmaker,” working hard to find the right pawn shop for your item. Pawnbrokers that sign up can send direct offers for specific items submitted by local users. This way when you receive an offer from a shop on PawnGuru you know they’re interested.

Have an item to pawn or sell?
Get local cash offers for your stuff.

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What Can I Sell To A Pawn Shop? | March 2019
What can I sell to a pawn shop and what are the best items to pawn and earn some quick cash? Let’s find out in this blog post of PawnGuru.
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  1. I myself love going to pawn shops! It’s always nice being able to sell all of your unwanted items and turn them into cash. But you talked about the process that most pawn shops go through, and I did not know that. This information was interesting for me to read about.

  2. I love that pawn shops will give you a price for something you thought was basically useless. I have old electronics, an old guitar, and video games that pawn shops can always find a buyer for. They really can have a positive effect in cleaning your house and making cash on the side!

  3. I’ve browsed through a pawn shop a few times, but I can’t think of anything I’ve bought. I’ve also never sold anything. I can think of stuff that I could sell though. I love finding musical stuff, so I should check them out more often.

  4. I really liked what you said about what kinds of items I can sell to a pawn shop. My mother has a few items that she wants to get rid of. It would be really helpful if she could sell her stuff to a professional.

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