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Connecting with Pawn Shop Customers | March 2019

Pawn Shop Marketing

In order to grow your pawn business, it is important to not only entice new customers in the door, but it’s also imperative to keep your customers coming back.

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But how do you keep customers coming back into your shop? The answer is to connect with them online through social media and email marketing.

Read more below on how to keep your customers coming back into your shop by connecting with them online through these important marketing channels.

How to Connect with Existing Pawn Customers Online

If you want to be able to market your shop to your existing customers after they’ve left your store, collect their email addresses and make them aware of your social media accounts.

Collect Email Addresses

We suggest making the most of your counter space. Keep a notebook containing spaces for customers to write their email address on your counter. This should be kept open to a page with blank spaces and you should keep a pen next to it at all times.

You can send email newsletters to your customers later on to keep your pawn shop top of mind.

Offer them an Incentive for Staying Connected

Sometimes it’s easier to convince your customer to give you their email address when you offer them an incentive. It might help to keep a small sign in front of the email list that explains you will offer a small discount on their current purchase or next purchase if they add their email address.

If you don’t want to keep a notebook or notepad out, ask the customer if they would like to stay in the loop of discounted rates or prices when promotions become available. Then collect their email address or tell them about your Facebook page.

Either that, or you can tell them that you’ll give them a discount next time they return if they “like” your Facebook page or other social media pages.

More Resources for Improving Your Pawn Shop’s Online Marketing

Customer Service

Customer service is imperative for earning repeat customers. And earning is the key word here. Great customer service is what causes pawn shops to earn repeat and referral customers, as well as raving online reviews on sites such as Google Places and Yelp.

Read more about pawn shop customer service tips.

Search Engine Optimization

To gain new customers that turn into repeat customers, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. This is why we recommend optimizing your website so that your pawn shop can become more visible in Google.

Read more about pawn shop website SEO.

Google Places

A large part of local marketing is being found in Google Places via a well-optimized listing. You want to take full advantage of your Google Places (or Google My Business) listing so that pawn customers can find your shop again or decide if it’s the right one for their needs.

Read more about optimizing (or creating) your Google Places listing.


When you blog on your website, you build credibility for yourself as a pawnbroker. It’s a chance to display your expertise to customers and earn repeat customers by keeping them in the loop of what’s going on at your shop. It’s also a great way to display items of interest that are new in your shop to get customers to return.

Read more about starting a blog on your pawn shop’s website.


PawnGuru will give you access to more pawn customers by making you discoverable in our pawn shop directory and allowing you to bid on items in your local area through our online portal. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of pawn shops earn more customers, and we want to help you, too!

Read more about PawnGuru and how to set up a free PawnGuru account.

Or, start connecting with more pawn customers now and sign up for a free account with PawnGuru!

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Connecting with Pawn Shop Customers | March 2019
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