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8 Hot Selling Items That Pawn Shops Will Eat up | February 2019

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Your junk drawer or storage closet may contain treasure!

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Pawn shops find value in items people simply don’t want or need anymore, and a hot selling item can land you a pretty penny.

Some quick cash pawn items offer fast cash and others provide big bucks. You want to know, ‘What do pawn shops buy?”

Hot Selling Item List

Here are 8 fast cash pawn items that pawn shops will pay you good money for!

1. Jewelry

Maybe it’s outdated or just not your style. Whatever reason you have for leaving that jewelry stuffed in a box, pawn shops want to take it off your hands for you! They love:

Pawnbrokers will even take broken jewelry to scrap the metal!

2. Smart Phones

This quick pawn item always sells. When you bring in the phone:

  • charge the battery so the broker can check it out
  • bring the charger and any other accessories
  • know your phone carrier, model number, and storage limit
  • make sure it works

Some phones will land you a quick 15 bucks, while others will sell for $300 or more!

3. Coins and Other Currency

Those coins you collected as a kid but stopped caring about years ago might pay! They typically want money 100 years old or older. Pawn shops typically pay for coins based on the percent gold /silver/copper/nickel rather than the collection cost, unless they are super rare.

4. Power Tools

If you find power tools laying around the basement that you cannot remember using, they are perfect for a quick pawn. Clean them and make sure they work and are not missing parts. Pawn shops paw especially well for brands like:

  • Bosch
  • Craftsman
  • Ryobe

These and other top tool brands will make for a hot selling item.

5. Video Games

That game you never want to see again after a two-week binge, other kids want their turn at it. Parents and teens constantly to find video games at affordable prices, so pawn shops want to keep bringing them in.

Make sure the game works and is not loaded with scratches. People want what’s new and hot, or what’s old and difficult to get. So if you have XBox One games, like Fortnight or Black Ops 4, you have a quick cash pawn item.

6. Comic Book Collection

If you went through a comic book obsession and have every volume of Spiderman or other super cool collection, then you may have a stash of cash boxed under your bed! Pawnbrokers want your collections that are clean, complete, and in mint condition!

7. Antiques

If you have super old “junk” in your attic, take a look because you may have antiques that a pawn shop will pay for! See an appraiser to learn their worth and then visit a pawn shop to see if you can get a good deal.

8. FireArms

Guns are a hot selling item in pawn shops, making them a way for you to make quick cash because, ‘Merica!

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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8 Hot Selling Items That Pawn Shops Will Eat up | February 2019
Everyone knows that certain items hold higher value than others! Here are 8 hot selling items that will have any pawn shop throwing their money at you!
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