How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for Digital Cameras

March 07, 2020 - Equipment and Tools

A common question our team hears at PawnGuru is, “How much do pawn shops pay for digital cameras?”

Since we get asked this question quite frequently, we decided to write a blog post to answer this for you. Whether you’re looking to pawn a Canon digital camera, a Nikon, Kodak, PenTax, Samsung, Sony, Fujifilm, PenTax, Panasonic or GoPro, we will break down the average pawn prices we saw for each of these brands in 2020.

You might be wondering how we have access to these real prices that pawn shops pay for digital cameras. Well, at PawnGuru, we facilitate online introductions (which lead to offers) between pawners and pawn shops that take digital cameras in the pawner’s location.

This means that we have collected abundant data on how much pawn shops pay for digital cameras.

Later in this post, we will tell you how you can get the most accurate estimate for the digital camera pawn shop value of your specific camera. The best part of this is that it’s free and makes the whole pawning process quick and easy.

First, view the 2020 data below to see the average digital camera pawn value by brand, including minimum and maximum offers made. You’ll finally get your answer to “How much do pawn shops pay for digital cameras?”

Digital Camera Pawn Value by Brand

To find the digital camera pawn prices by brand, check out the chart below based on PawnGuru’s 2020 data.


Digital Camera Pawned

Min Pawn Value

Max Pawn Value

Average Pawn Value





































How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for DSLR Cameras?

Please keep in mind that the camera pawn value data above includes a wide array of camera models for the indicated brand, as well as various levels of condition. This explains large variances in minimum and maximum digital camera pawn value for a given brand.

If you’re trying to pawn a DSLR camera, you’re in luck. Pawn shops will typically pay much more for DSLR cameras than regular point-and-shoot digital cameras.

The lenses on these cameras hold a significant portion of the value, so you’ll want to make sure you include these in the transaction. This will help you get more cash at a pawn shop for your DSLR.

To find out exactly how much pawn shops pay for a DSLR camera in your area—and for your specific model—list your camera on PawnGuru and get fast offers online from pawn shops in your locale.

How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for Broken Digital Cameras?

Not every pawn shop will pay for broken digital cameras.

You might find one that is willing to put the work in to get the camera fixed, if it is of high enough value and worth it to the pawn broker. It all really comes down to whether or not they believe the money they need to invest to get it fixed will pay off in a positive return on investment. If they don’t think it’s worth it, they likely won’t buy it from you to resell it.

The easiest way to know for sure if and how much pawn shops pay for broken digital cameras in your area is by using PawnGuru. We allow you to list your broken digital camera on our site so that your local pawn shops can express interest and make an offer (if there is one to be made).

Create a free listing today on PawnGuru to find out.

What if No Pawn Shops Will Take my Broken Digital Camera?

If your local pawn shops won’t take a broken digital camera, we recommend you recycle it through your town’s local recycling program. This prevents the disposal of electronic devices that contributes to harmful e-waste buildup in landfills.

A quick Google search should do the trick for you in this case, to find a local facility.

Pawn Shops that Take Digital Cameras Near Me

To find pawn shops that take digital cameras near you, follow these quick and easy steps. You won’t need to leave your couch to find the pawn shops in your area that will buy your digital camera.

  1. List your digital camera on PawnGuru—it’s fast, free and easy!
  2. Watch offers roll in for your digital camera—all from nearby pawn shops.
  3. Once you see an offer you like, accept it—at no obligation!
  4. Enter the pawn shop with your digital camera and all its accessories, if you have them.
  5. Exchange your camera for cash in hand that same day!

Now that we answered your question, “How much do pawn shops pay for digital cameras?” you can move on to pawning more items. Enjoy the related articles below!

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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