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pawning items in Charleston, SC

Here’s How to Pawn in Charleston, SC | April 2019

South Carolina

Have you always wanted to be a pawn star?

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
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Pawn or Sell An Item

As in someone who can get rid of unwanted crap around their house for money?

If that’s you and you don’t feel like driving from one end of Charleston to the other for a reasonable offer, we don’t blame you.

Learn about pawning items from home to get the best payout below.

1. Decide if You’re Pawning or Selling

There’s a difference between pawning and selling that every beginner needs to know. Pawning is like putting up collateral for a loan.

You bring in an item, you agree on its value, and you decide on the term of the loan. Then you get a loan for the amount you decided on.

If you bring the money back in the amount of time agreed upon, you get your item back. It’s like nothing ever happened.

But if you don’t pay back your pawn loan in time, then the shop gets to keep your item. You essentially traded the item for cash.

Depending on the term and interest of the loan, you may end up paying more than the item was worth.

When you sell, on the other hand, it’s a one-time transaction. You decide on value and you sign over ownership. In exchange, you whatever cash amount you agreed upon.

2. Know What to Pawn

A pawn shop doesn’t want just anything you have laying around the house. That collection of cups from your child’s little league baseball tournaments isn’t going to make the cut.

Instead, look to pawn/sell things like:

  • New or antique jewelry
  • Designer shoes or purses
  • Power tools
  • Relevant electronics
  • Collectibles
  • Coins
  • Guns
  • Golf clubs/sporting gear

As long as they’re in good condition, you should get a reasonable offer. Remember that because you owned these things they’re not new, so you won’t get what you paid most of the time.

You’re more likely to get what you paid if you can bring proof of purchase and the item is brand new-in-box.

3. Create a PawnGuru Account

In the olden days, you would have had to box up whatever you were pawning and drive to a pawn shop. You’d show it to whoever was working and then you’d be at the mercy of their opinion.

Now, you can use the internet to make sure you get the best offer possible. No more driving all over Charleston and having to find parking on those tiny historical streets.

You simply make a listing of your item, add a photo, and submit it to the pawn marketplace.

If a pawn shop owner is interested, they’ll send you an offer on your item. If you like the offer, you can take the item into their shop (in person) so they can inspect it.

4. Sell, Pawn, or Walk

Once they’ve inspected your item they’ll make you an offer (it can change from the original one, based on condition). If you like the offer, you’ll discuss whether you want to pawn or sell.

Then you’ll sign your paperwork, get your cash/loan and be on your way.

Pawing items are really that easy in Charleston, SC.

Pawning Items Easily Online

As long as you’re smart about what you list, you take good photos, and you’re honest about conditions – you should see offers roll in. What you do when you get the offer accepted in-store is up to you.

Pawning items or selling them – that’s your choice. We just help you get there.

Want to learn more about what to pawn? Click here

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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Here's How to Pawn in Charleston, SC | April 2019
Need a little extra cash before payday? Pawning items is a great way to get it. Read on to learn how to pawn items to get the money you need.
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