Make Your Pawn Shop Stand Out During the Holidays

February 25, 2020 - Pawn Resources

During the holiday season, you have a lot of competition for grabbing the attention of holiday shoppers.

Even if you’re the only pawn shop in your town, you still compete with brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce shops.

This makes it all the more necessary find ways to stand out from the crowd and appeal to local shoppers whose attention is pulled in multiple directions.

In fact, as a pawn shop, there are clever ways to engage shoppers even better than “the big guys” do. And this benefits you because the more you engage shoppers during the season, the more likely they’re going to give you their business.

In this post, we’ll tell you three ways to stand out to holiday shoppers during this season.

3 Ways to Stand Out to Holiday Shoppers

Host a Special Event

One of the best ways you can stand out in the eyes of holiday shoppers and grab their attention is by spending time with them. And this is most effectively achieved by hosting a special event.

Whether you host this event at your shop or in a separate meeting space, you want to get these customers to engage with you for a specific activity.

For example, host a “free appraisal” night and appeal to the Antiques Roadshow type enthusiasts. Or, host an old-school video game/console swap night.

Perhaps you’ll even put on a “get cash for gold” type party where locals bring their gold in for a free appraisal and the chance to get some extra cash for the holidays.

And you of course want them to be educated at some point during the event about your shop, your location and what you offer. Make sure to bring pamphlets with your shop information!

It’s important to note that you need to get in touch with your local newspapers to help them message the event to inform locals what it is, who is hosting it (good for getting your shop’s name out there), and the date and time.

You should post the event to local online calendars, and thumbtack your flyer to bulletin boards around town.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start publicizing the event. You should give them at least couple weeks’ head’s up (if not a month’s) to pencil your event into their personal calendars.

Participate In Holiday Fairs

Just because you’re a pawn shop doesn’t mean you can’t participate in holiday fairs!

Research the holiday fairs that are happening in your town and sign up as a vendor. Make some signage for your booth and bring your most impressive merchandise to be set up tastefully on your table. Don’t forget to only bring what’s most appropriate for a holiday fair (leave the guns at the shop!).

Make sure you have information (perhaps some pamphlets) about the services you offer at your pawn shop and make it approachable. You should bring your email signup sheet, too!

To entice people to your table to come talk to you and look at your merchandise, perhaps offer some refreshment such as free hot cider. This will help your table stand out and will get them walking over to see your items up close.

While they’re there, let them know that if they have any old items or jewelry they want to trade in for cash, they can come to your pawn shop. And hand them your pamphlet!

Set Up a Holiday Display

You have plenty of items in your shop that could easily be used to set up a holiday display in your window, or even outside your shop!

Spend some time one evening after your shop closes to wrap some empty boxes in shiny holiday wrapping paper to mimic presents. Place those in your window or outside your shop (maybe both!). If you’re feeling ambitious, put up some Christmas lights and a fake Christmas tree.

The goal here is to get people to look and then have them associate your shop with holiday gifts and enter to browse your selection.

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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