How to Market Your Pawn Shop Using Instagram

February 28, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Are you unsure of how to market your pawn shop on Instagram?

Instagram might seem a little intimidating if you’re only used to using Facebook, but it’s actually quite simple to use.

Pawn shops all over the world are using Instagram to display their precious inventory and newfound treasures. As a platform fueled by hashtag search, the platform by nature allows your shop to be more discoverable than it is on Facebook.

And while the two platforms share some similarities—as Instagram is owned by Facebook—Instagram is definitely more visual in nature. This is to your benefit for recreating a visual shopping experience online.

Instagram can be particularly helpful for keeping your existing customers in the loop. You can even offer them a discount if they follow you on Instagram.

It can be used as a customer relationship platform for reinforcing your expertise and keeping customers updated on new items as they arrive. With its video functionality, Instagram can help you convey your personality and professionalism to make your shop look approachable for first-time customers.

Learn more details below on how some fellow pawnbrokers are using Instagram to market their pawn shops and engage with pawn customers.

Dispel the “Pawn Shops Are Seedy” Myth

how to market your pawn shop using instagram
how to market your pawn shop using instagram

Instagram gives brands the opportunity to create their own identity—and pawn shops are no different! Pawn shops are using Instagram as an opportunity to create a professional image for themselves and build trust with customers.

This is particularly important for gaining new customers, as many of them may not have stepped foot inside a pawn shop before.

Check out the consistent high-quality photos the pawn shop Manhattan Buyers uses (above), as well as the credentials in their bio. They seemingly use their Instagram to reinforce an image of a high-end shop.

Takeaway: Aim for consistent quality in your photos and pay attention to what image you’re creating for your shop with your photos, captions and your bio.

Create Interest in Your Items

how to use instagram to market your pawn shop
how to use instagram to market your pawn shop

Another way you can use Instagram to your benefit is by using visuals to create interest in your new items.

Did a customer just sell you a rare autographed Fender guitar? You better share that on Instagram and use relevant hash tags to be discovered!

Check out the photo above. This is from the pawn shop Instagram account for Dave’s: A Pawn Shop. They have a drone for sale, and everyone knows drones are hot items right now.

Some people don’t want to pay full price for a brand new drone, considering many still consider it a novelty item. As you can see in the photograph, Dave’s received an inquiry from a potential customer right in the post comments, so you know that people are using Instagram to scout out deals.

In the photo below, you can see they used vinyl to stir up more interest. Vinyl is extremely popular once again, so this was a very timely post. They also engaged with their customers which is important for customer relations.

pawn shop marketing with instagram
pawn shop marketing with instagram

Dave’s does a great job at posting quality photos and videos of other interesting items from their pawn shop to engage customers. If you don’t check out any other Instagram account, you must check our their Instagram account. This will help spur some ideas.

Takeaway: Post items that are hot and trendy to stir up interest in your shop, and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags and engage with customers in the comments!

Make it Personable

Since you can’t truly be face-to-face with customers until they enter your pawn shop, consider posting photos that show yourself and your staff. The photos should convey friendliness and approachability.

You may also choose to post videos of yourself describing your items. Videos are highly engaging and will give your customers a closer look into who they are going to do business with.

Pictured below is a post from the owner of Carolina Pawn and Gun, showing off one of his favorite rifles.

When you watch the video, you can see how excited he gets about what he’s selling, and you could do the same with your items. This helps customers associate personality with your shop and build credibility for the products you accept into your shop.

Takeaway: When you show that you believe in the products you sell, you will build trust with your customers. Show your personality and enthusiasm for your items through video posts on Instagram.

how to market pawn shop with instagram
how to market pawn shop with instagram

Now that you have an idea for how you can use Instagram to market your pawn shop, you might be interested in learning more about marketing your shop! We recommend the following articles to expand your knowledge.

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