How to Pawn a Smart TV

February 16, 2020 - Electronics

Wondering how to pawn a smart TV in 2017?

Pawning a smart TV (or selling it to a pawn shop) is the best way to get cash for your used television without waiting around for days for a payout.

In this post, we will tell you how to pawn your smart TV online as collateral for a cash loan. Looking to sell your smart TV online for cash? We will tell you all about how that works, too. Most of the process is the same for both until you get to the transaction part.

If you’re pawning a smart TV for cash, you’ll need to pay the pawn shop back the full value of the cash loan, plus interest and fees. If you’re selling a smart TV to a pawn shop, that part doesn’t apply to you.

If you’ve never pawned or sold something of high value, we need to tell you a few things that will help you get the most money possible for your smart TV with minimal hassle.

We will break down what you should expect when you begin the smart TV pawn process, as well as tips on how to pawn a smart TV in 2019 so that you get the most value out of the transaction.

Want to get started with pawning your smart TV right now? At PawnGuru, we make the TV pawning process convenient and easy, even if you have never pawned an item before. This process is super simple.

To start receiving offers quickly, sign up for PawnGuru for free. The page will guide you through posting your smart TV for sale on our site. This way, your local pawn shops can bid on your smart TV today. There is no obligation on your part to accept any offer you don’t agree with.

The preparation of pawning your smart TV is slightly more work than the actual process of pawning it. Fortunately, pawning your smart TV (or selling it to a pawn shop) is easier and quicker than the more well-known methods of selling electronics.

Please note this post applies most specifically to smart TVs. If you’re trying to pawn an old TV or regular flatscreen TV, you can still try to pawn it, but you likely won’t get as much money unless it’s a 4K TV or similar. Keep in mind that the functionality is also different from what is discussed below.

How to Pawn a Smart TV in 2017 Effectively: Prepare

1. Get to Know Your Smart TV

If you want the largest chunk of cash possible for your smart TV, take just a couple extra minutes to become acquainted with the type of smart TV you have.

This is crucial for getting the best offer, because not all smart TVs are of the same value.

  • Find out the model & know the brand. Is your smart TV an Apple TV box or an actual Apple TV? What year and model is it?
  • What functionality, apps and special graphics capability does it have? Is it a 4K? This makes a world of a difference in terms of value.
  • Know the size. Take out that measuring tape instead of guessing. People will pay more for larger TV’s.
  • Check the surface of your smart TV for any damage or wear and tear.

2. Learn the Value of Your Smart TV

Check out our TV pawn prices data and keep this price range in mind when you go to pawn your smart TV.

3. Perform a Factory Reset

If you want to know how to pawn your smart TV in 2019 in the safest way possible, make sure to perform a factory reset so that your personal data and preferences are wiped from your smart TV. You don’t want anyone else being able to access your accounts and logins!

The method for performing a factory reset may vary from TV to TV. Perform a quick Google search for the instructions for your specific smart TV. It’s simple!

4. Gather Any Original Components

If you have the original box, manual, cords and remote that came with your smart TV, include those with your TV in the transaction. This will make a better impression on the pawnbroker and get you a better offer.

How to Pawn Your Smart TV in 2019 for the Most Cash

1. List Your Smart TV Online

Use PawnGuru to list your smart TV for sale online so that only your local pawn shops can see it. This is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Choose “sell” or “pawn” depending on what your goal is.

  • Pawning your smart TV will require you pay the pawn shop back within a certain timeframe to get your smart TV back after they give you the money for it.
  • Selling your smart TV will allow you to sell the smart TV for cash and be done with it for good.

2. Receive Bids from Pawn Shops

Once your smart TV is listed on PawnGuru, you’ll start to see local pawn shops bid on your item promptly. You’re not obligated to accept any offers, but you can get great deals from these shops.

Now that you know how to prepare your smart TV for pawning or selling, you are equipped to get the best cash offer possible.

3. Get Cash in Hand

After you accept an offer from a local pawn shop, bring your smart TV to the pawn shop and get cash in hand the same day.

David Stiebel
David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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