How to Sell a Laptop Fast for Cash Near You

February 24, 2020 - Electronics

If you need to sell a laptop fast for cash near you, look no further than PawnGuru.

At PawnGuru, we will help you find a nearby shop to which you can sell your used laptop. You can get cash-in-hand on the very same day that you need it. We facilitate introductions between you and local shops that are interested in your laptop and can give you a quick price estimate so that you can gauge how much you’ll get in cash. This eliminates the guesswork and saves you time and hassle.

Read on to learn how to sell a laptop fast for cash near you. This includes where to actually bring your laptop, things you must not forget to do before you sell it and how to get the best price possible using PawnGuru.

How to Sell a Laptop Fast for Cash: Pawn Shops

A pawn shop is the best place to sell a laptop fast for cash near you. Pawn shops are commonly found in every town, and they operate with two difference approaches.

One is their pawning service. This means they will allow people to hand over a valuable possession temporarily as collateral in exchange for cash. If the pawner doesn’t pay the loan back in time, the pawn shop gets to keep the item.

Pawn shops also offer you ability to sell your valuables to them permanently for cash. They then resell these in their shop for anyone to purchase who finds use for it.

How to Sell a Laptop Fast Yet Safely

When you’re trying to sell a laptop fast, it is important you don’t get too caught up in trying to sell it so quickly that you forget to wipe your data.

Wiping your files, photos, stored credit card information and other browsing history is going to help you avoid identity theft. The next person that buys your computer will have all that information if you don’t completely reset your computer.

Before you perform a reset, remember to transfer your files and photos to an external hard drive or USB so that you can access it in the future.

How to Sell a Laptop for the Most Money Possible

If you want to know how to sell a laptop fast for the most money possible, you need to use PawnGuru.

PawnGuru introduces you to pawn shops in your local area through our online platform. We allow you to list your laptop for sale instantly, and then pawn shops will send you offers as quickly as possible.

Comparing multiple offers online will allow you to get the most amount of money for your laptop without wasting time visiting various pawn shops in person.

Once you see an offer you like, you can accept it and head to the pawn shop with your laptop in hand. The pawnbroker will take a look at it and assess it. Making sure you reset it ahead of time, as we mentioned earlier, might also help you get a better offer.

What’s more, if you clean the screen, keypad and the surface, it will look newer. This could factor into the offer you receive.

Here’s how to use PawnGuru to sell your laptop fast, step by step:

    1. Take a photo of your laptop after cleaning it
    1. Create a free listing for your laptop on PawnGuru
    1. Describe your laptop in detail (brand, model, condition, memory, special additions etc)
    1. Get your offers online
    1. If you see an offer you like, bring your laptop to the pawn shop
  1. Walk away with cash in hand

Now that you know how to sell a laptop fast for cash near you, we think you might be interested in learning how to sell other items of value. Feel free to read the following articles we put together!

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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