How to Sell or Pawn a Used Surfboard Today

February 15, 2020 - Equipment and Tools

Wondering how to sell or pawn a used surfboard for cash?

Whether you’re upgrading to a new surfboard or just didn’t end up using your board as much as you thought you would, we have you covered at PawnGuru.

We’ll tell you how to sell or pawn a used surfboard for the most cash possible. Better yet, we’ll take hours of research out of the selling process.

Later in this post we will tell you how to use PawnGuru. But first, read on to find out why exactly you should sell a used surfboard to a pawn shop and how to sell your used surfboard for the most money possible.

Why You Should Sell a Used Surfboard at a Pawn Shop

Selling your surfboard to a pawn shop is a better bet than using Craigslist. Why? People on Craigslist don’t always make serious inquiries, and you often have to work around their schedules and inconvenience your own just so they can take a look at your board. Even then, a transaction isn’t certain. Worst of all, you could get low-balled.

With pawnshops, you are dealing with professionals who will often be more straightforward with you than the prospective buyers you attract on Craigslist. The pawnbrokers are the folks at a pawn shop who will be assessing the value of your board when you bring it in. They are known to have numerous years of experience appraising items of value.

How to Sell or Pawn a Used Surfboard for Top Dollar

Assess Your Board

Does your board have cracks or other damage? Take note of this so that you’re not surprised when a pawnbroker points this out.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to fix damage before bringing it to a pawn shop, that’s entirely up to you. It’s not necessary, though. Some buyers will overlook the cracks, so it might not matter much. What’s more, fixing cracks in your surfboard might set you back from getting quick cash and could ultimately leave you with less money than you were hoping to make from your surfboard.

Clean Your Surfboard

If you want to know how to sell or pawn a used surfboard for top dollar, clean your board. A clean surfboard makes a better impression on a pawnbroker than a dirty one.

The better its condition appears, the better your appraisal in most cases. If your surfboard is new and hasn’t been waxed, wipe it down. If it has wax on it, take care of that crusty used wax layer on your surfboard before you bring your surfboard to a pawn shop.

Remove the old wax from your surfboard. First, let it sit out in the sun to soften up the wax. If it’s not sunny out, pour hot water over it. Then, use the sharp edge of a wax comb, driver’s license or an old credit card to remove the old layer. After it is scraped, you can spray a citrus-based wax remover solution and wipe your board down to remove any last remnants of the old wax.

Re-Wax Your Surfboard

This is pretty self-explanatory. You should apply a fresh coat so that the next person purchasing the board from the pawn shop doesn’t need to. Mention to the pawnbroker that you just applied a fresh layer of wax for the next person. This could get you a better offer for your board!

Take the Fins Out

When you sell something to a pawn shop, it usually maximizes your offer if you make it look like you are throwing in “extras” —even if these are a necessary component of the item you’re selling. This is why we suggest you take the fins out of the surfboard and include them alongside the board. This will also help the pawn shop to save floor space when putting the board on display.

Keep the Sponsor Stickers On

If you were a sponsored surfer while riding your board, keep those stickers on and mention it to the pawnbroker. It actually increases the perceived value of the surfboard. The next person who picks it up will see that the board was good enough for a pro to ride it, which makes the board all the more attractive.

For this reason, your pawnbroker has another selling point, which in turn signals to your pawnbroker that they can charge more money for this surfboard to their next customer.

In effect, you get a better cash offer.

How to Sell or Pawn a Used Surfboard Near Me

Looking for pawn shops that take surfboards near you? Not a problem! We will tell you a very simple way to find out which pawn shops near you take surfboards. You can do this online through PawnGuru and simultaneously get offers on your specific surfboard through our website.

Follow these steps to find pawn shops that take surfboards near you:

  1. List your surfboard online at PawnGuru – it’s quick, easy and free!
  2. Watch offers roll in quickly online from your local pawn shops
  3. Compare your offers and accept the highest bid (but there’s no obligation!)
  4. Bring your surfboard into the pawn shop
  5. Walk out with cash in hand today!

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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