How to Sell Used Electronics for Cash

February 27, 2020 - Electronics

Want to learn how to sell used electronics for cash?

You are in the right place! At PawnGuru, we teach you how to sell used electronics for quick cash in hand, on the same day you need it.

In order to sell used electronics for cash in hand, there are certain preparation steps you should take. Especially if you want to sell your electronics for the most cash possible.

We will let you in on what you need to do to make that happen, and we will also introduce you to an avenue for selling your used electronics that you might not have considered. Whether you need to sell a used TV, laptop, tablet, digital camera, MP3 player or game console, we have you covered.

Read on to learn how to sell used electronics for cash, and for the most cash possible.

How to Sell Used Electronics for Cash (the Most Cash Possible)

This is the part where we teach you the preparation steps for ensuring your electronic device is in the best shape possible for getting the most amount of cash. These are important factors in making your electronics look as desirable as possible and they are how to sell used electronics for cash in the most effective way.

Spruce Up the Appearance

You want to make sure your electronic device is in the best external condition possible. Appearance does matter when it comes to pricing and the impression you make on a buyer, so it’s important to clean your device of fingerprints and any other smudges or dirt.

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about scratches, but you can try to get someone to fix a crack in a screen, for instance. It might not be worth the time or money investment, especially if you need cash today. But do keep in mind this is an option you would likely want to consider for high-value, premium brand electronics.

Include All Components for Completeness

When you sell your used electronics, you want to present them as part of a complete package. For instance, if you’re selling a video game console, you would want to include as many of the following as possible. This logic can be applied to a wide variety of electronics and will often get you more money.

  • Console
  • Controllers
  • Cords
  • Accessories
  • Manual
  • Box

Backup Your Data & Wipe It

Chances are you still have data or personal files on your electronic device that you don’t want the next user to have access to. This means you should back up all of your data, sign out of all your accounts from that device, and permanently wipe your data from the electronic device.

This not only protects your data from theft and unwanted eyes, it will also save the buyer time after they purchase the device. This can sometimes result in a higher selling price.

Unlock & Reset

If it’s applicable to the device you’re selling (such as tablets, smartphones, smart TV’s or game consoles), you should perform a factory reset. You can use your manual or find information on the manufacturer’s website to learn how to do this for your specific electronics.

In the case of handheld devices such as iPhones and iPads, unlocking the device will often get you more money, as well as disabling features such as Find My iPhone.

How to Sell Used Electronics for Cash Quickly Near You

Selling your used electronics for cash is possible through pawn shops! That’s, right, you can actually sell the items outright without a pawn loan.

We highly recommend you look into this option, since pawnbrokers are professionals with years of experience pricing items of value. What’s more, it is the quickest way to get cash in the same day.

To sell your used electronics for cash quickly near you, list your electronics on PawnGuru. PawnGuru is an online platform that introduces you to pawn shops in your local area. This way, you can get quick pricing from real shops that are interested in buying your specific electronics. And the offers are made online.

Not only will this get you the most accuracy pricing information for your local market, but you will also get multiple offers in one place for you to compare. As a result, you save time and get the most cash possible.

Here’s how to use PawnGuru to sell your specific electronic device:

  1. Follow the preparation steps above
  2. List your device online at PawnGuru—it’s free and takes only a couple minutes!
  3. Sit back and get fast offers online from local pawn shops
  4. Review your offers & choose the best one (no obligation)
  5. Enter the pawn shop with your device to finalize the transaction
  6. Walk away with cash in hand—on the same day!

Now that we’ve answered your question, “how to sell used electronics for cash,” we bet you’ll be interested in learning more about selling other items! Feel free to use the following resources in the future.

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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I like that you recommend including all the components when selling the old electronics just so you can get the maximum value out of them. It makes sense that selling a laptop without the charger might be quite difficult and you wouldn’t get full price for it. Thanks for the post; I’ll have to keep these tips in mind when looking to get rid of all my TV’s and phones because it’d be nice to get rid of their accessories too.

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