Get the Most Money When You Pawn Antique Furniture

February 05, 2020 - Antiques, Art and Collectibles

Antique furniture can take up unnecessary space, crowding your living arrangement.

Still, it’s no secret why people love filling their house with well-crafted antiques. The aesthetic value of artisan-made furniture is reason enough for the high market demand. Antique furniture can be used as collateral with high payouts. Rare pieces made with certain artistic techniques can elicit a pawn loan payout of thousands of dollars. It’s recommended you use PawnGuru to establish a relationship with a trust-worthy pawn dealer!

Many high culture items like avant-garde art pieces fit the same category of antique furniture. The niche market makes it difficult for pawners to get a gauge of the price of their antiques. Walking into a dealer showroom, you will be expected to know the intricate details of your antique furniture and justify your asking price. Not to mention, you can’t get a short-term loan from an antique dealer. This is why it’s vital to use PawnGuru to identify your furniture’s value. Using this site, you can walk into a shop knowing exactly how much your collateral is worth!

Read on for 3 indispensable tips to pawning your antique furniture!

1. Do your Research

Whether it’s fair or not, the antique furniture market has many pretentious individuals dealing in the trade. Finding a pawnshop who has the infrastructure and professionalism to handle your vintage collateral is key!

Identifying the value of your furniture can be challenging. Almost no antique furniture dealer will be willing to give you a free evaluation. Knowing the time-period, artistic techniques, and lineage of the furniture factor into its value. Many antique owners have a semblance of these details but are not experts. You don’t need to be!

This makes using pawnshops an advantageous system for those looking to get quick cash. A reputable pawn dealer will be willing to explain the justification to the value of your furniture. Many pieces made in America from heavy oak during the early 1900’s will be more valuable than crafts made more recently. Finding a good dealer willing to explain this to you isn’t as difficult anymore. Just use PawnGuru!

2. Finding a Pawnshop That Can Handle Antique Furniture

There are some things pawnshops truly covet. Diamond rings, electronics, and, of course, antique furniture. The reason these items are so valuable to pawn dealers is because they are valuable to consumers. This is why pawn dealers are willing to increase the payouts on short-term loans for these commodities.

Think of your antiques as an investment. Instead of visiting a bank or small loan agency—filling out mazes of paperwork—and getting equally high-interest rates with a credit-damaging check—pawn your antique furniture instead! Although this is the savvier option, there are still some challenges you will need to solve. Many pawnshops do not have the infrastructure to store your antiques in a secure location. Damage to your pieces can drop their value dramatically so you’ll want to find a pawnshop that you can trust, with the kind of facility that can properly store antique furniture.

Even after finding a store that specializes in antiques with a proper storage facility—you’ll still want to get the best deal! Although not technically a monopoly, pawnshops that specialize in artisan craft-work do have the advantage of possibly being the only shop with the reputation of handling antiques. You could take your business to this shop without knowing a shop with the same support is right down the street! Don’t gamble on this, use PawnGuru!

3. Expect to Get 25-50% off Retail Value

Whether you’re still in the research stage of pawning your antique furniture or are just sick of the large pieces taking up space in your house, you will need to expect to get anywhere from 25-50% less than what you originally paid. This is standard across the industry. Whether you pawn or sell to a well-known furniture dealer, this is the reality.

The price you get on a pawn loan payout is still somewhat in your control. Dealers may not be willing to negotiate but some pawn dealers allot margins for haggling. Equally as important are the terms of your pawn loan. Getting a low-interest rate is integral to making an economic decision when getting any short-term loan. Comparison shopping takes time but not with PawnGuru!

For the hands-down best deal, use PawnGuru to comparison shop and corroborate offers in your local area!

David Stiebel
David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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