Pawn Shop Items That Will Earn You $500 Cash

February 16, 2020 - Pawn Resources

If you’ve ever needed some extra cash, you might’ve thought about going to a pawn shop.

But you shouldn’t sell anything: certain items are going to get you more money. If you sell the right thing, you might even be able to get 500 dollars for one item.

Are you wondering what you can pawn for 500 dollars? Keep reading to learn some of the most popular pawn items that will fetch you a high price.


When it comes to jewelry, the bigger and heavier pieces will likely fetch you a higher price. Pawn jewelry with precious gems, metals like gold and silver, and diamonds to get the most money.

Know the value of the jewelry before you go to pawn it so you know you aren’t getting ripped off. Also, you should know the current prices of metals like gold and silver. This will ensure that you’re getting the best price.


We already mentioned metals as part of pawning jewelry, but there are other sources of precious metals that you can pawn to get cash as well. Old coins made of gold, silver, and copper could fetch you a high price. Any other sources of precious metals, especially gold and silver, will get you close to that 500 dollar mark.


Instruments like guitars, violins, and cellos sell for a high price. This is especially true for rare or vintage instruments or ones that are in very good condition.


When it comes to pawning computers, the newer the better. Old computers and desktops aren’t going to get you very much money.

You can sell newer models, along with top brand name computers, for at least 500 dollars. Be aware that if your computer is older than two years, you probably won’t be able to sell it for $500.


As with computers, older televisions aren’t going to sell for very much. Even the “high end” flat screens from 3-5 years ago won’t sell for much when you can get them new for 500 dollars or less.

However, the newest TV models like 4K TVs and smart TVs will sell for hundreds of dollars. To sell TVs at a high price, they should be new and state of the art, considering TVs sell in retail stores for inexpensive prices.

These Popular Pawn Items Can Sell for 500 Dollars

When you’re looking for quick cash, there are certain items you can pawn that are almost guaranteed to sell for a high price. These popular pawn items listed are a few that can get you a quick 500 dollars when you need it.

David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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