PawnGuru vs eBay: How to Choose Between the Two

February 24, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Listing items online makes selling fast and easy. PawnGuru vs eBay: How to Choose Between the Two

But sites like eBay still aren’t fast enough for sellers who need cash now. Enter PawnGuru!

PawnGuru brings the best parts of online sales to the pawn industry. Buyers, sellers, and pawners can find or list items easily. And pawn store employees can make offers on items that may have never come into their shops.

PawnGuru vs. eBay

Have you thought about selling an item on eBay? Do you worry about possible misunderstandings, slow payment, or even fraud? See how PawnGuru compares to eBay in speed, convenience, and safety.

Compare Multiple Offers

Driving to various pawn shops for quotes is time-consuming, inconvenient, and costly. After listing an item on PawnGuru, local pawn shops make serious offers.

Don’t think it’s important to compare offers? Think again! PawnGuru found that the average range of offers had a 258% difference. Categories like jewelry, antiques, and precious stones varied most.

Support Local Business

Sell on PawnGuru, and sell 100% local. Unlike eBay, PawnGuru only connects sellers to local pawn shops. You can trust that you’re receiving offers from a reputable business.

After selecting an offer, you finish the transaction at your local pawn store. No haggling required. It’s a piece of New York cheesecake! And as easy as Boston Cream Pie!

Get Paid Fast

Selling on eBay can be fast but not always. Buyers have two full days before you can even open an unpaid item case. And that case can drag out much longer.

With PawnGuru, you get real offers from pawn shops that are ready to buy. You choose the offer and pawn shop. Then you take your item to the shop and walk out with cash.

Pawning Items

Surprise! Here’s a huge difference between PawnGuru and eBay. PawnGuru connects you with pawn shops that let you pawn things. eBay offers no pawning services.

Is pawning a mysterious, black art to you? It doesn’t have to be. It’s just a type of loan. But instead of going to a bank, you visit a pawnbroker. You borrow part of the value of the item that you provide as collateral.

The pawnbroker gives you a set amount of time to pay the loan back along with any fees or interest. If you don’t pay it back, the pawnbroker is free to sell your item for a profit.

Don’t worry. Pawn Shops aren’t trying to scam you out of your valuable family heirlooms. According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, 85% of pawners reclaim their items. States and local authorities also regulate the activities of pawnbrokers closely.

How Pawn Shops Win

Getting customers is faster and easier than ever for pawn shops that use PawnGuru. Pawn shops are intimidating to many consumers. TV shows like Pawn Stars make sellers worried about price negotiation.

On PawnGuru, customers receive an offer before walking into the shop. They don’t have to wonder if they’re receiving a low offer and should go elsewhere. Pawn shop employees gain access to more customers. Pawn shops also get to inspect items before paying.

Try PawnGuru

Most online sites like eBay aren’t fast enough for sellers who need cash now. But selling items online can be faster, easier, and more convenient with PawnGuru. Why subject yourself to the delays on other sites? Get cash fast! Start using PawnGuru to connect with local pawn shops today.

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