Will Pawning my Dell Laptop Get a High Payout?

January 23, 2020 - Electronics

Laptops are getting more and more common to use for pawn loan collateral.

Each year, new technology is unveiled pushing consumers to buy newer laptops. As devices proliferate the market, more availability and diversified options force pawnshops to meet the demand. This circulation of merchandise is beneficial for laptop owners who are looking to get a short-term pawn loan. The high value of Dell laptops makes these commodities a great item to pawn!

The Dell brand offers an eclectic spectrum of devices with differing functionality. However, most pawnshops will consider a powerful Dell laptop like the Dell XPS 15 at the same value as lower functioning Dells. PawnGuru data metrics show that Dell laptops, in general, have a range between $1 and $600 with the average pawn loan value being $123.53.

There’s always room for negotiating offers when you pawn commodities. Many pawn dealers categorize a laptop’s value by brand—not by technological functioning. This line of thinking makes it highly recommended you use PawnGuru! This way you can get the highest offer and best terms on your short-term loan for a Dell laptop. Listing your items on PawnGuru also allows users to include specifics that boost the device’s value! This system contends with pawn dealers that don’t factor the laptop’s model and only appraise by brand.

Using PawnGuru is like getting an instant appraisal from dozens of pawn dealers where you control the leverage!

Why Dell Laptops Yield High Payouts

Many typical standard Dell laptops can be purchased at a retail store for as low as $179.99 while a nicer model can go for $1799.99.

Since there is such a wide range between low-end and high-end Dells, there is more potential to get higher offers from a pawn dealer. More disparity in retail value allows for more wiggle room for a pawn loan. Generally, pawn loans have less rigid pricing than sale prices because the shop profits from the loan interest rate. This makes dealers more willing to work with you and loan you out more money.

Pawn dealers differ in how they assign value to each item during an appraisal. Some have set ratios like offering 35% of an item’s original retail value for a pawn loan. Other pawnshops will conduct a more thorough appraisal. They will look at cosmetic flaws, functionality, and maintenance that will raise or lower an item’s value.

If you do some simple refurbishing, you can increase a laptop’s collateral value. That way you can walk away with more money in your hands! Simple things like wiping the laptop’s drive, cleaning the surface area, and spraying out crevices in the keyboard goes a long way in presentation. Also, having all the proper documentation and paperwork will increase the offer amount a dealer is willing to give.

How Does Dell Compare with Other Laptop Brands?

PawnGuru collects key metrics from pawnshops all across the country. Before this site aggregated the pawn community, it was anyone’s guess how much any different item of value would go for at a pawnshop. You could take a laptop to shop and walk away with a loan for $35 when a pawnshop down the street would be willing to offer $200.

The average pawn value for Dell as a brand is $123.53. Higher-end laptops like Macs have an average pawn loan value of $312.35 while low-quality laptops like Compaq are valued at only $47.50. This places Dell just about in the middle of the range.

Depending on the situation and pawn dealers’ standards, a higher-end model should secure a higher offer. The only way to know beyond any shadow of a doubt is to cross-verify with PawnGuru!

Should I Sell or Pawn my Dell?

PawnGuru acknowledges this is completely a personal decision. However, there are some guiding questions you can ask yourself to get a gauge for the most economically viable option and whether you personally can afford to outright sell your laptop.

How long can you go without a laptop?

If the answer is not long. You should stick with pawning your Dell. A pawn loan is designed for a short-term solution when cash is tight. It buys you time to adjust finances and pay unexpected bills.

Are you looking to upgrade?

If you’re ready to upgrade you’re most likely in the clear to go ahead and outright sell your laptop. Selling your laptop at a pawnshop is much safer than going consumer-to-consumer because you’ll have payment verification. You also won’t have to worry about shipping your laptop, which can be costly.

Are the offers worth it?

In the case of laptops, pawn loan values are high and almost always worth it but there is always the potential to get a range of offers. If the loan payout is too low, it might be more economical to sell the laptop to avoid paying interest payments. Do your homework first with PawnGuru!

Can I increase the value of my laptop?

If you can refurbish your laptop with minimal effort and without paying any money it might make more sense to pawn the laptop. Once you get your short-term loan paid you can get the laptop back which you can use as collateral again.

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

David Stiebel is one of the cofounders of PawnGuru. David was educated at MIT, where he studied Math. He subsequently worked at Bain as a data scientist before starting PawnGuru in 2015. He started PawnGuru to build a better tool for pawn shops and consumers to connect.

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