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How to Sell or Pawn a PS4 | March 2019

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Looking to sell or pawn a PS4 now?
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Pawn or Sell My PS4

If you’re preparing to sell a PS4, you should know that a few simple steps will raise the price you get – and make sure your personal data is secure. Let’s start with the research you’ll want to do.

Look up your system and compare the numbers. Check out sites like eBay, Buya and Craigslist to see what the system is selling for in different conditions (from in-the-box, to gently used, to damaged). Depending on the condition of your system and its accessories, it could be the difference of over $100 in or out of your pocket. Get a good idea of what to expect when selling your system, then prepare it for the highest price.

Where to sell

Once you’ve done your research on the PS4 and the selling market you can decide on where to sell your system. Brick and mortar pawn shops are a great option for those looking for convenience and immediate cash – and for those selling a system without its original packaging. Selling your system online opens up the options of whom you can sell to but requires some extra steps.

Wipe your data

If your system has been used, take the time to wipe the data from the system’s drive. You can do this by resetting the system to factory default settings. This will reset any changes you have made and will help remove your personal information from the system.


Depending on system’s condition, cleaning is one of the best ways of prepping your system. If your system is new and still in the plastic, you can skip ahead. The console itself should be cleaned with a nonabrasive cloth to remove any dust and dirt. This will give you an idea if the console has any scratches or dents which may affect the price. Controllers should also be cleaned, taking care not scratch the surface. Make sure buttons are cleaned and easily movable. With the power cables and the mono earphone, take a cloth and pinch it around the cable and gently pull the cable through your pinched fingers. This is an easy and fast way to clean cables. Remember not pull too hard as you could damage the cables. And, the PS4 box can be dusted. But make sure not to use any wet cloths or sprays

Back in the box

The best thing when selling your PS4 is to have the original packaging; this will greatly increase the value. The PS4 box comes with cardboard inserts that protect the system and make it easier to transport. Once you have your system cleaned and dry, place the items back into their plastic coverings if you still have them. If not, then place the system back into their appropriate compartments. Take care to neatly coil and secure the cables and mono head phone with a twisty tie or Ziploc bag. Separating the cables will organize them and give a better appearance. The ‘Welcome to the World of PlayStation’ PS4 Quick Start Guide also comes with its own plastic packaging and box compartment.

Looking to sell or pawn a PS4 now?
Get local cash offers for it – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell My PS4

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How to Sell or Pawn a PS4 | March 2019
If you’re preparing to sell a PS4, you should know these pro tips by PawnGuru that will raise the price and will help you to get its true worth.
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  1. My little brother has been thinking about selling his PS4. So, I liked that you pointed out that you should wipe all the data off of your system before selling it. I am not sure how to do that and it might be a good thing for my brother to look up.

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