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Sell Your Antique Furniture to a Pawn Shop | March 2019

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Every time you pass your antique furniture, you loved so much a few years ago, you may think to yourself about how much space it takes up in your house. Not to mention, the hindrance of moving furniture. Any damage antiques take on during transit severely lower their value. Despite your antiques’ aesthetic and nostalgic value, sometimes it’s better to sell your antique furniture over hanging on to a high-value piece.

Many are turned off to the idea of selling antiques. Furniture is bulky and precarious to move to avoid damaging the craft pieces. Antique dealers are typically snobby and will not offer free evaluations. You’ll need to know the time-period, artistic techniques, and material of your antique furniture to gauge its value. You’ll be expected to know these details before doing business with a dealer. If you are in possession of a family heirloom you might feel guilty about selling the furniture. Don’t sell if you’re not ready! The choice is personal, but you may be pleasantly surprised at how much your antique furniture is worth at pawnshops!

In the past, many believed there are only a few reputable avenues for selling their antique furniture and pawnshops did not make this list. In the digital age, this could be the furthest from true! Using PawnGuru, you can corroborate offers between pawnshops to ensure you’re getting the most money possible. This allows you to comparison shop from the comfort of your own house. Just create a free listing without any obligation to any business. Within minutes, dealers will email you their offers. Just choose the highest one and go sell your antique furniture to get cash in your hands today!

Check out the rest of this article for 3 reasons using a pawnshop can get you more money if you decide to sell antique furniture!

1. Free Appraisals

The pawn industry is relatively unique in offering free appraisals. If you’re selling to a pawnshop this gives you an advantage, especially if you’ve got a rare, high-value piece! The nature of the industry creates a mutually beneficial system. Pawn dealers do not receive their commodities from bulk vendors. Instead, their inventory derives from the community selling and pawning their items at the shop. If you bring in a high-value antique piece of furniture to sell, this diversifies a dealer’s stock and attracts more customers for them. This is why they’re willing to give free appraisals and pay more for antiques!

A free appraisal is not common with other platforms for selling antique furniture. This niche market often takes advantage of people not knowing what they have—making it difficult to negotiate. Antique dealers commonly won’t budge on asking prices and will expect you to know key details about your piece. You’ll be expected to justify your asking price by conveying lineage, craftsmanship, and medium. Most people don’t know these details! With a pawnshop, you can work with a professional who will educate you on the value of your antique furniture for free!

2. No Shipping Costs!

If you decide to use common online furniture dealers, the majority of these sites will either make you responsible for shipping the furniture or severely lower their offer to account for shipping. Most antique furniture is made from heavy oak, which can cost a fortune to sell. Not to mention, you’ll be liable for any damage that the furniture endures while being shipped out. This means not only are you paying for shipping, you’ll be expected to pay for the necessary precautions ensuring the furniture makes it the dealer in top shape.

Doing business with a local pawnshop can help you avoid this unnecessary stress and cost. If you use PawnGuru, a dealer can do a preliminary appraisal based on a few questions you’ll enter into the website. Many pawn dealers will even send out a certified professional to make an appraisal at your house and offer suggestions for the best method to move your rare furniture. This takes out the hassle and gets money in your hands much quicker!

3. The Best Deals!

Since the pawn industry is more willing to negotiate pricing with you than antique dealers are, you’ve got a much higher probability of getting more money at a pawnshop. With a pawnshop, you have leverage! This is not the case in other forums who have a large inventory of rare valuables. Pawnshops will be much more inclined to do business with you because your piece might be one-of-a-kind for their showroom!

The industry standard, whether at a pawnshop or a dealer, is to offer anywhere from 25-50% of the furniture’s original retail value. The key to getting closer to 50% is to be able to negotiate and educate yourself on the value of your antiques. The best way to do this is to use PawnGuru to find a reputable shop that is willing to offer the best deal and conduct honest business with you!

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Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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Sell Your Antique Furniture to a Pawn Shop | March 2019
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